brand-new 22.5” WSM —- first mods??

Hi all,

Picked up my new 22.5” WSM today...without wanting to “jump the gun”, so to speak, before I actually try it out —- what are some of the very first changes / modifications you all would suggest ???

Thanks in advance,

Dave in KC

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Wheels were a must for me.
Harbor Freight 3"
Two regular, one locking.
Hit your local hardware store for 6 washers, and 3 - 1/2 fine thread nuts.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Wheels make sense but, you are wise to not jump the gun, wait until you see things you need. Patience, Grasshopper, time will reward you.

Lew Newby

You can run it after you assemble it and you're wise to research it before you start making mods. My 22" WSM wasn't my first so I knew some mods I would make. Wheels are good if your cooking terrain is smooth or reasonably so. Check this out.

You can run a WSM successfully with no mods. I did this to my 22.5. For functionality. 1. Handles on charcoal grate. 2. Handles on cooking section. 3. A slot for your remote thermometer wire. Then plug the leaks. Others will see this totally different. .


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The only mod I did on my 012- 22.5" WSM was the double grate mod ( for lump) and wire that to the charcoal ring.
My 08 18.5" I added a Tel-tru and handles and wheels and a side table.
The big boy came last and I'm working with a less is more attitude.:wsm:



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First thing I did was gasket the lid and door, add wheels and a hinge. The gasket and hinge was a kit from BBQGaskets (I ordered through Amazon) and I could not be happier. I also added a BBQGuru DigiQ temp regulator for overnight cooks. I found that I am also using less fuel and have a really tight control on the temps. Some expensive upgrades but I now am able to achieve exact cooks for meats.

Lynn Dollar

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All I did to mine was a gasket, and I'm not sure it really needed that. If it leaks, it just improves air flow.

If Weber thought the leaking , especially around the door, was detrimental to the product, they'd fixed it a long time ago.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Well said, Oh Glorious Grand Poo Bah!
I understand the desire to put all the bells and whistles on when you get a new toy but, in this case, until you see something you “Need” to change don’t waste the effort. I’m going to do a cart with an integral windscreen for my 18 but, I’ve been thinking about this for a very long time.

Vincent Carrocci

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My first mod would be to add some charcoal to the bowl and a pork butt to the cooking grate! See how that sucker cooks a few times and then decide if you need to do anything to it.

Have fun and enjoy the ride!

Geo S

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Unless your an engineer, and can't help yourself, ;), I'd pretty much leave it alone till your sure you need, or want to .

However.... there's a couple simple things that take hardly any time or money to do..
First, wire the charcoal grate to the ring, and you don't need handles on that
second, notch the rim for a probe wire, soooo much easier then threading the probe through the grommet.
Third, fire it up and cook something...:cool:

Charles H.

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These are not really mods, but I used stainless steel tywraps (Home Depot) and attached the charcoal ring to the grate and instead of water I cover the bowl with several layers of heavy duty foil leaving an air space between the bottom of the bowl and the foil to catch the grease.

Brad VA

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Seal, seal, seal

First thing I did was get material to seal the top to the mid-section as well as the door. It might be all mental, but for me I can't stand seeing smoke sneak out there rather than the top vent.
(Here's what I got, but there are others-

I also put casters on the bottom so I can wheel the whole thing on my patio out from under the overhang.