Bobbie Flay and the WSM


Jon Merka

I was sitting in our company condo this morning waiting on time warner to show up to fix a cable modem and flipping through the channels on tv and on the food network there was bobbie flay with a wsm explaining how to use it...

first he started out by lighting a chimney of lump all well and good he had a weber starter. then he dumps the coals into the bottom of the wsm and then explains that its now time to put the charcoal ring in. he then dumps in two HUGE double handfuls of wood chips all the while explaining that he soaked them in some sort of fruit water mix to add flavour to the meat and smoke.

i cannot imagine how the coals stayed lit with the amount of soaked chips he tossed in there along with the liquid that drizzled the coals.

evidently he was doing a high temp brisket since he did not put water in the water pan and kept the vents full open. the really strange thing was him and his wife opening the wsm every half hour to baste the meat. his cook time he stated at 5 hours.

somehow i just dont believe he actually used the wsm to cook his flat. he seemed to have spent more time with the lid off basting than he did cooking.
Flay's encounters with the WSM are the stuff of legends. The only time I ever saw him try to use one, he set the water pan directly on top of the charcoal ring, instead of on the brackets that hold it.

(That generated a few comments about "not knowing where to put it", especially since his girlfriend was helping with the cooking.)
the guy constantly shows his contempt for his equipement, his learning capabilities to use same and to his audiance. he reminds me of a punk i knew long ago.
Jon and Larry are referring to the same episode of the Food Network show "Boy Meets Grill" from 2004 called "Boy Meets Texas Girl" in which Bobby cooks real Texas barbecue for his then Texas girlfriend (later wife) Stephanie March.

If you scroll down to the third photo on the WSM Humor page, you will see a screen capture of the big event. Bobby has somehow corraled the hot charcoal and wood chips with the charcoal chamber, and now is placing the water pan directly on top of the chamber.

The guy i bought my WSM from yesterday, showed me how to put it together, "setting the water pan, on top of the charcoal ring". Maybe he saw the Bobby Flay show your referring to. Heck of a nice fellow just a little mixed up, on the WSM. John
at least some so called big shot tv cook is a weber fan. I know I get a kick out of just seeing the stuff on the show