Best ham to double smoke?


Paul Pearson

I will be smoking a ham for a family party this weekend and decided I dont have the time to smoke a fresh cured ham so I will go with a ready to eat ham.

Should I be concerned about a spiral ham drying out on the smoker if I am just reheating it? Ive read the article on the main website about ham selection but am wondering what peoples experiences are.

Bob H.

TVWBB Hall of Fame
I would use a ham that is not spiral cut. They are so easy to dry out, why take the chance and ruin it?
Sometimes a canned ham like Krakus or Atalanta both from Poland, take to being smoked at low temps.
They are already fully cooked, the reason for the low smoking temps, but can be done successfully.


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I've done quite a few spirals on the WSM and if you follow Chris's method it shouldn't dry out IME. Shanks are good and so are butts.
About the only time I use water is for spirals, to keep it at 225.


Don Reed

just pull it off at about 140 internal, after all you're just reheating it, I let it go uncoverd for a little while then tent over the pan it's in to finish, you can over smoke it if you're not careful.

Paul Pearson

Im glad to hear people are having luck with the spiral cut hams. I stopped by Kroger last night and picked up a 12lb spiral honey ham that im going to smoke/reheat Sunday. It was marked Private Select or something like that so it better be good for $3 a lb.


I did a spiral a few years ago and it turned out to be one of my best ever cooks.

I glazed with some honey, clove, pineapple saucing. Helped keep it moist.

Was just thinking I may do another for Easter coming up.