Battle I: Eggs Presentation to Judges

Clark, Paul, Rob you guys did an awesome job just fantastic.

Jeff, Don, Gary Great job and congratulations

From my standpoint too hard to judge I'm glad I didn't have to do it.

Clark Deutscher

TVWBB All-Star
Here's a few more of the ravioli pics, if this is too many pics Chris just let me know and I will delete.....

Started out making mozza in order to get the whey for the ricotta

The Ricotta was made on the kettle (see prep pic) than caught with cheese cloth and a strainer

It was then mixed with egg as well as onion, garlic and nutmeg to make the ravioli filling (see prep pic for layout)

The bread was an egg dough with parmesan that was flattened with a tortilla press and grilled

Now the bread was sliced, dipped in and egg batter and grilled again

Now for the red pepper sauce, we grilled red peppers, onions and garlic on the kettle (see prep pic) and pureed them with fennel and put through a strainer

Now we cooked the red pepper and the butter sauce on the ranch kettle while boiling water for ravioli

And grilled the ravioli one by one

Now a layer of sauce for the final dish

And plated a different way

And plated with the yolk sliced open

And that's it!


Don Cash

TVWBB Gold Member
Wow! Amazing, Clark. Just goes to show how hard it is to represent the prep work fully in just 4 pics.

What a great experience this has been. I learned a lot and had a fantastic, albeit stressful, time participating.

Thanks to the my opinion they were spot on in their critiques. Thanks to "the Canadians"...phenomenal food. And thanks to my teammates, it has been great getting to know you two better.

Although my dish received the lowest scores I'm still pretty proud of it, so following in Clark's footsteps, here's my cook in its entirety.

Mayo fixins'


Potato salad fixins'

Eggs abubble.

Bacon going.

Eggs chopped.

Bacon done.

Potatoes going.

Deviled Egg Potato salad ready to be combined.

Combined and ready.

Brioche rolls fixins'

Balled up.

Flattened out for the 3rd rise.

Added some poppy seeds.

...and onto the grill.


Aioli fixins'


Crab fixins'

Butter, garlic, shallot and Old Bay melting together.

Then egg tempered into the hot butter mixture and the crab marinated in it before grilling.



Drink finxins'

and, as we've seen, plated.

Thanks for looking throughout this event. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Good luck to the next competitors. I hope we can keep this going!

Clark Deutscher

TVWBB All-Star
Honestly Don that looks amazing, I would love to eat the whole plate,especially the sandwich. I never thought of trying soft shell crab on the grill. Really wicked job!



TVWBB Olympian
Never tryed that "Soft shell" Crab Don...But if it taste like it looks you just won the comp in my eyes!

But then again its really hard to get a favorite when you cant taste/smell the food. Respect to you all!

Joel Kiess

TVWBB All-Star
Amazing guys!

I showed the pictures around to some non-BBQ folks and the general response is pretty much jaws dropping!

Inspiring - proud to be among you.

Gary H. NJ

TVWBB Platinum Member
My big sister, a chef/restaurant manager for over 20 years, commented that she was blown away by everyone's effort here at Kettle Stadium. I think she expecially liked Don's crab and brioche sandwich. Personally, I had no idea what everyone else put into making their dish until I saw their after-judgement prep pics (which I thoroughly enjoyed). Which got me thinking...

Charles Howse

TVWBB Wizard
Absolutely, positively AWESOME!!
To repeat another poster, Never did I ever think that some of those dishes could be done on a grill.


Rita Y

TVWBB Emerald Member
Merciful Heavens! Knowing the participants, I knew this was going to be very good from the start, but you all went far beyond expectations with not only the food but the plating and photography. Phenomenal is only one of the words I would choose.

If the good folks at Weber don't jump on this for advertising purposes, I'll be surprised.

Heartfelt Congratulations to all! You set the bar high.

Shawn W

TVWBB Emerald Member
Looks fantastic all GJ! One suggestion for future battles .... make it less about pics. White backgrounds only, and only show the plate being presented. Like put the plate in a white box then take the pic.


TVWBB Olympian
Thanks for bumping, Jim. Really enjoyed this walk down memory lane. Remembering now how blown away I was with these dishes by some great cooks.