Anyone find the new WSM probe rubber hole useless?


Bill Thompson

TVWBB Member
I have notched the rim for my cyberq but I have stuck a temp stick in the hole and left with the probe inside and the display outside to check what my probes were indicating. It worked pretty good that way and although it isn't perfect it gave me a reference that was close.


TVWBB Member
I love my grommet in the 22. I just have my probes in before I sit the barrel on top. Works great for me, it is a pain if I forget and have to fish them through once the heat is pumping.

Andy Linn

TVWBB Member
I prefer to use the grommet than grind a notch. For me it's probably six of one half dozen of the other. I wear gloves when I setup my smoker - if I didn't then would likely cut the notch rather than be washing my hands.

Lew Newby

TVWBB Wizard
Any pics of the slot in the lid? Am considering it but hesitant to start cutting into my WSM. Anyone experience rusting issues with exposed metal? Any need to paint the cut?
No rust problem and I didn't paint it. I put some vegetable oil on it and the smoke and grease molecules preserved the metal. Once you overcome your hesitancy you will not regret it. It is the most versatile method of feeding probes to the top grate.