Anyone actually wear out a rotisserie motor?

That looks like a great counterbalance if it is heavy enough. Just make sure you get it as "close" to balanced as possible on the spit.

The thing is with that balance is that you need to put it on an area of the spit that is round. Using it on the square part will only give you 4 possible adjustments.
Some spit rods have a round section cut into the square shaft.
Gotta do, what you gotta do. And in the end, it just plain works. Those style of rotos do not have counter weights which I think is essential for any roto package.
All right, I have got to NOT look at this forum when I’m already cooking something for the “Family Dinner”, it always makes me second guess myself.
To funny I have a Weber with the counter balance tried to give it away no takers. Got it with a 1100 I picked up years ago guy never used it I assume since it looks brand new.