Alder Smoked Salmon- My Best so far!!!!!


Michael C.

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Hello Everybody,
I've been wanting to try this brine mix that I picked up at Bass Pro Shop awhile back. Yes, it says it's for trout, but, I'm sure it's good for just about any fish. I also found some nice looking salmon at the store the other night, and decided it was would be a great weekend to smoke some salmon. I cut the salmon into some strips, made the brine, and set it in the fridge overnight. I rinse and patted the salmon dry, and let it sit for 30 minutes, per the instructions. I smoked the salmon, using alder wood, and kept the vents near shut, just a little air into the grill. I let the salmon smoke for about an 1hr. It came out perfect!!!!! Just a tad on the salty side, but, very good flavor! I would do this again with the other packet inside the box. Thanks for looking :)

Brine mix from Bass Pro Shop.

Ready for a Brine Bath overnight.

Letting the fish air dry, ready for the smoke.

Grill setup, indirect, water pan in the center, using charcoal baskets.

Taking a peek, and a small taste! It's ready! Yum!

Salmon is ready to eat

The Money Shot!!!
Looks pretty tasty! Never have had any store bought brine but I'm sure it's fine! I was over cold smoking some fish at a buddy's today...10 hours and still cooking!

Looks like a great snack!!
Looks grand! Any simple brine followed by a smoke like that will give you an awesome resault. Or even a dry salt cure overnight. TASTY!
Michael, that is some of the finest lookin' salmon i've seen!
this photo looks IDEAL!


is this fish same-day fresh? if not, sure looks like it!
I just picked up some the other day, but I froze it since I could not get to it. Maybe I'll try that smoke of yours as it sure looks quite tasty. I'm curious, how much of a smoke flavor did it have, mild, med, or big? What temp do you run in the grill, and what was the finishing temp of the salmon when done, if you took it?.....................d
Thanks everybody. I ran the weber grill at about 210F, for the entire cook, kept the vents semi closed, just enough air to keep the coals going. I did not take the temp of the fish, it just looked right, before taking it off the grill. I'm not sure when the fish was caught, but, it sure looked very fresh, when I bought the Salmon. I'll do this again soon!!!! I'm thinking next time, I'll brine some other fish in the mix too. Salmon, trout, cod, sea bass, etc! Should make for a nice weekend cook!