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For Thanksgiving we did the typical spread. We’ve been doing turkey breasts instead of whole turkeys the last several years. I still spatch the breast. Cooked it on the 14”WSM. I used the carcass and back bone to make a stock. I decided that with the stock I’d make Albondigas. Instead of beef for the meat balls I used a pound of ground Turkey. I added diced hot hatch Chiles, garlic and onion powder, white pepper, salt, ground black pepper and paprika to season the meat. One egg and about a cup and half of panko as a binder. Let that chill. For the soup base I used 8 cups of stock I made. 1 14oz can odf diced tomatoes. Added some of the celery and carrots from the stock. Had a small butternut squash I chopped up (typically zucchini is used). Three diced Yukon gold potatoes. 1 heaping tablespoon cumin and 2 tablespoons oregano. Bring to a simmer and drop in the non-cooked meatballs. Simmer until the meatballs are cooked through. This was really good and we’ll make it again.

Some of the spread.

Stuffin Muffins

Mini pumpkin pies

Left overs! The bread is rosemary sourdough. Super tasty for a turkey sandwich.

Simmering stock from the turkey remains and veggies. I’ll toss the carcass, onions and most of the carrots and celery. Strain the broth.

Veggies for the Albondigas

Ground Turkey meatballs

Hugo was pretty sure I was making soup for him.


Final product Albondigas! Slice of the Rosemary sourdough went well with the soup too!
Wow, that all looks great!

Albondigas? Never heard of it. What comes to my warped mind is 'Al Bundy has gas.' :ROFLMAO: