Advice Needed - Preparing Pulled pork in advance



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Hello all, I need some advice on the optimal method for smoking pulled pork a day in advance of consuming it. I am preparing it for lunch this coming Sunday. But due to Church in the morning, I am planning to smoke it on Saturday on the WSM. My typical method is to smoke it low until bark forms and then finish it in the oven. How should I store it on Saturday and prepare it on Sunday so that the meat's at its best? It will be served for tacos (carnitas). Once we return from church on Sunday, I plan to warm it for lunch.

Should I pull it apart on Saturday and refrigerate it? Or, pull it apart on Sunday?
Any tips/techniques for refrigerating it on Saturday?
Tips for warming the meat on Sunday afternoon?

Anything else I need to keep in mind. Thanks everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!!


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I would not cook it any differently than I would normally do do it.

Do you have a vacuum sealer? One way is to vac seal and then reheat it in sealed bag with sous vide, or just in a pot of hot water.

Pulled pork is really forgiving on the reheat. Sometimes if it is a little dry on the reheat I'll add a splash of apple juice if I'm heating it in a pan.


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No worries about not having a vac seal. Just pull it and refrigerate the day/eve before. I like to make sure it is really well sealed so it doesn't dry out in the refrigerator.

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I’d go overnight, dbl foil and towel wrap, into a cooler before you go church, then it will have a good rest and pull it just before serving.
I am a BIG fan of a long rest before pulling, three or four hours has worked well for me. It’s still plenty hot at that point.

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I agree with DanHoo. Pulling the day before will make the reheat process much easier as you control the meat thickness and hence the time it takes to reheat...


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if you're going to break it down after cooking it on Sat, leave the pieces in much larger chunks. then when you reheat, and i recommend adding in your pork juices from your cook the day before, you can do a final shred once reheated to serving temp.

i did a cuban style pp yesterday and at 165F i placed the butt in an aluminum tray with a citrus liquid which kept everything nice and moist. after 1 one hour rest, the butt shredded easily and i added in the citrus pan drippings back into the shredded pork and the meal was moist, tender and very flavorful.