A Summit Gem

Jon Tofte

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Here's a pretty cool one, even if not cheap:

A Summit Gold that appears to be essentially unused after all these years. Still has the shrink wrap on the stainless doors!


Although it is not the Platinum model with the stainless frame and cabinetry, it still is a really nice grill. One of Weber's better ones with all the features...If the $500 gives you pause, consider what other new grill you can buy for that today - and essentially this IS a NEW grill. If I was ready to plunk down half a grand for a grill, I would way rather have this than a 3 burner Spirit, that's for sure!


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I have to agree with you on that one Jon. Extra side burner and rotisserie as well. Six burners. There is a lot to like right there. If you need the grilling space and you have a $500 budget, that is a winner for sure.

Stefan H

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I paid $60 or $65 for this one.
It was covered in so much grease it literally could not rust. Firebox was basically rust free. On top of that it was sitting in dry storage for years. Cleaned it up, replaced the igniter, added new caster wheels and new grates, a new smoker box, new cover and sold it again.
It would have been to large for my personal use. My 3 burner Genesis does just fine for the 4 of us. Plus I really don't like the fire box design with the enameled front and rear pieces. I wish they would have used a full cast aluminum firebox.

Jon Tofte

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How about this gem? Winder if the block under the center comes with it?
That's a great one Larry! That is another example of why I dislike the current 3rd generation Summit so much. The one I posted, being 2nd generation, is not perfect (as Stefan points out its biggest flaw is that firebox). However, it does have many positive attributes. I think we have seen on here that at least some of these have stainless steel inserts for the firebox rather than porcelain coasted steel.