22" small metal table performer



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A buddy of mine just gave me a small 22" performer with the metal folding table on the side. This thing was used once and the grates are still shiny. I have a performer with gas assist and a 26" kettle and a gasser and a 18" wsm. I can't justify keeping it but wondering what the used market would be on one of these. Ive tried to find one but have had no luck. ITs black with the black side table..
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Dave in KC

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Make it as close to new as you can, take some pics,
and post it at $175. Right now is not an ideal time to sell.
You are 3-4 month early from peak value. Hold firm if you
have time to wait it out, or take the best offer. You can
always lower the price if you choose.

Timothy F. Lewis

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Think positive, I agree with Dave, you can always take a drop but, it’s hard to go the other way! Start at 175 and drop to the 150, that seems like a fair price. Then get some nice ribeyes to celebrate!

Kyle in Woodstock

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There are a couple brand new in box ones for sale on FB in my area for $175 and $200. They've been on sale for a while. Maybe up in IL you guys can sell for more.


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@JimZ I know you say you can't keep it, but can you just keep it? Is storage space an issue?
I really could the wife doesn't care and ive had it since last fall and havent touched it. I love my 22" with propane assist and have a 26" to boot so i cant see myself using it. I wont let it go for a dumb number though. I was thinking of using the money to buy a cajin bandit for the 22". Then I may consider getting rid of the 18" wsm because I could smoke in that bad boy. Ive had great results smoking in the kettles.