2019 Elk Hunt

russ olin

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Went hunting the late season here in SW Colorado. After a big 6x6 or better bull. First day walked about a mile into a park, came into a herd of 20-25 elk. Nice 5x5 in the group.
It was about 125 yards away. But since I would have had to pack it quite a ways on foot, I let it go by. So hard to do. My plan was to catch the elk on the other end of the park where I could get the 4 wheeler to the elk. Plan worked perfect. The last morning these elk walked out in front of the hunting truck @ 250 yards or so. 45-50 head in all. I thought here comes my big bull. Guess what? Not one legal bull in the bunch. The wife took these pictures thru the dirty windshield of the truck. Super dry in the forest this year. Hunting in 2-3 inches of powder dust. But raining today, hoping for more.

Here I am hunting alone @ 62 yrs old. All my hunting partners got old, fat & lazy then quit.
But its still in my blood, gotta do it.
Thanks to my better half for going with me every year.
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Bill Spearman

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Stay with it as long as you enjoy it and can hunt safely. I finally gave up fishing because I was not comfortable out on the lake or river by myself. Fishing partners aged out. Now in my 80's I love bird feeding and watching, and I do a bit of yard work. Still can mow my big corner lot. Enjoyed the pics.

Rich Dahl

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Did much the same, a little deer hunting and fly fishing was my passion.
Now it my 70s and a weak ticker had to give both up. My new hobby will be counting the pellets in a bag of pellets for my new pellet grill sitting in my recliner in front of the fireplace in the warm house and watching my smart phone as my brisket cooks.
Enjoy while you can as old age sucks.

Rich Dahl

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I really shouldn't complain, my Mom passed away at 39 from a massive stroke and my Dad died at 66 from heart failure. I'm in my 70s and can pretty much still do the things I want. Problem is I don't want to do much anymore.
I walk my rescue dog two miles every day for a walk through the fields here unless there is snow and our ice on the ground which is a death wish for seniors. After that I just putter around doing little things.
Barb keeps me motivated with projects around the house, which is a big help.
I really have nothing to complain about.

Bob Correll

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Better be fast on your feet, or knees, getting to your rifle if that 5X5 shows up Russ. :p
I'm like Rich, my hunting and fishing days are over due to health problems that can come with age.
Can't part with my gear for both though.
BBQ and photography are pretty much it for me nowadays.
62? You're not an old goat yet, but beware, blink and you'll be one before you know it.

Cliff Bartlett

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I'm not a hunter Russ, but I sure do appreciate the beautiful country you live in. You're a lucky guy to enjoy nature at that level, and every day too. It'd be great to sit under that tree and have a beer or four with you and just BS. Don't mean while you're hunting of course.;)
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Tim K

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Russ, I lost my (latest) hunting lease last fall. Seemed like every 3-4 years I was having to learn a new piece of property and basically start from scratch. My oldest son (senior in high school at the time) had fallen in love with bass fishing, so I put down the rifles and bow, and bought a boat. Don’t get me wrong, I love and cherish ERVERY MOMENT AMD MEMORY we’ve made fishing together, but man oh man do I sure miss watching the world wake up from a deer stand!!
Good luck and those sure are some beautiful pics,

russ olin

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Got this picture yesterday. Big buck in the rut checking out our Siberian.
Notice his neck, they are always really tough this time of year.
love me some kolorado