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Look for more wood pellet cooking, more portable grills, and more outdoor ovens in 2014. Includes U.S. gas, charcoal and electric grill shipment numbers for 2013.


New Products & Latest Trends Heat Up Barbecue Industry

Annual Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Expo Unveils the Hottest New Products and Outdoor Cooking Trends for 2014

Salt Lake City, Utah (March 6, 2014) – From innovative grills, smokers and outdoor cookers, to state-of-the-art outdoor kitchens and patio products, the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association (HPBA) unveiled the hottest new products and trends the barbecue industry has to offer today during the opening of HPBExpo, at the Salt Palace Convention Center in Salt Lake City, March 6-8. With more than 350 exhibitors and 5,000+ attendees, the annual Expo is the largest indoor-outdoor living show in North America.

To kick off HPBExpo, HPBA announced today another strong year for the barbecue industry, with shipments of grills and smokers reaching nearly 14 million. With 80 percent of North American households owning a grill or smoker, and 60 percent of grill owners using their grills year round, the barbecue industry remains hot.

“As more and more consumers take the joys of cooking outdoors year round, the industry’s manufacturers are launching new and innovative products to make cooking any dish—from appetizer to dessert—easy no matter your location,” said Sue Crosby, HPBA communications director. “This year’s Expo showcases the endless possibilities of outdoor cooking and features an exciting variety of products for grillers of all experience levels.”

2014 Trend Watch

As the May-September peak outdoor cooking season approaches, consumers can expect to see grills, smokers and outdoor living products in high demand. Unveiled today at HPBExpo, the trends that will drive sales during 2014 and beyond include:

Wood Pellets on the Rise: Made from compressed sawdust, wood pellets are heating up grills and smokers across the country. An all-natural product, wood pellets produce a strong, slow-burning source of heat that gives a unique smoky flavor to foods. This year, new wood pellet grills and smokers are making it easier to cook outdoors no matter what time of year. Wood pellets grills and smokers use a variety of pellet forms to create different smoky tastes, all with a simple and easy cleanup process.

Portability: Whether tailgating for the big game or cooking on the beach, portable grills and smokers make it easy to cook delicious foods wherever you want. Industry manufactures are making it easier to take the party anywhere—from parking lots to campsites—by making light-weight and durable grills and smokers. Collapsible, small portable parts and all-terrain features make it simple to cook and smoke foods on-the-go.

Ovens in the Outdoors: New innovations are making it easier to do anything you can do inside, outside. With outdoor gas and wood-fired ovens, cooking enthusiasts can make a pizza, roast vegetables, bake desserts, and more all from the convenience of the backyard. Outdoor ovens provide an extra cooking space during the holidays, and allow families to cook their favorite dishes while enjoying the outdoors any season of the year.
Keeping Accessories Organized: When entertaining in the outdoors, it’s important to have everything you need right at your fingertips. New innovations such as countertops with drawer storage and drink coolers make it easy to enjoy any party outside. With full sinks, refrigerators and lighting, you can bring all the amenities of your indoor kitchen, outdoors.

Shipments Remain Strong in 2013

In 2013, nearly 14 million grills and smokers shipped in North America with a slight decrease (3.14%) from 2012. Gas grills continue to top the charts as the most popular type of grill, followed by charcoal and electric.

Total Gas Grill Shipments (58 percent of sales) – 8,053,000
Total Charcoal Grill Shipments (40 percent of sales) – 5,590,000
Total Electric Grill Shipments (2 percent of sales) – 302,000

National Barbecue Month Starts May 1!

May is National Barbecue Month and the kick-off to the outdoor cooking season, and also a prime time for consumers to buy the latest grilling and outdoor equipment and accessories. Retailers see their highest sales during the summer months, but also recognize steady sales continuing into the fall with consumers cooking outdoors well past Labor Day and into the winter months.

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Great read. Interesting to see the gas/charcoal breakdown. It will be interesting to see if the wood pellet share continues to increase. Cost of entry has to be a prohibitive factor.
I have never been able to rationalize the intrigue of a pellet cooker. Costs more to buy and to feed.
For just so so results.
Don't think pellet cookers are taking off personally they sit here collecting dust in every outdoor and hardware store with crazy price tags and metal thin as a pop can recently was chatting with a bar owner bout smoking bbq and he said wait til you see mine so he walks me outside to a several thousand dollar trailer traeger pellet smoker/grill big enough for two hogs and I said oh man that's fancy but it would taste so much better if it wasn't pellet and he said that's what everyone keeps telling him. My point is I think most people that own them don't like them
I think that pellet smokers do offer the "set it and forget it" that many people are looking for. You turn a knob to get a temp, put in the meat and walk away. I think that they initially are fine with the trade off between ease and taste. Also, they just might not have time to be screwing with vents and water pans and such. I know a guy with 6 kids and he loves charcoal cooking, but just doesn't have time, so the pellet smoker comes in handy. There is a market for the pellet smokers, but IMO they are going to have to evolve into something a bit less expensive and better performance to really take off.