1st time Keta Salmon


Michael C.

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My local store has Keta Salmon on sale, for $2.99 lb. I've always wanted to try Keta Salmon, as I've never had it this kind of Salmon before. Today was the day. I did not know how to cook this thing, so, I did my best, and tried to make a few slices out of it. I had trouble getting a good slice through the bone, but, I managed. I used Alder wood, a simple season, and let her go. It took about 30 minutes or so, for the Salmon to be done. It wasn't too bad. A little different then what I'm use to. Maybe if I used a brine mix, the salmon might be better. Or maybe ask the butcher to fillet it? Anyways, it was fun trying something new today. I enjoyed it! Here are the pictures :).

Keta Salmon, on sale for $2.99 lb.

Another look at the Salmon.

On the grill, using Alder wood for the smoke.

Alder wood sure smells good!!!!

All done!

Finished! Thanks for looking :).