1950s Men gawking at Ranch Kettles


Chris Allingham

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Dustin Flavell

Ha ha ha. That still happens in these modern times too. Few months ago my neighbor asked me to cook for his daughters 3rd birthday. The birthday was at a localish park in Penn Valley. Since I was cooking chicken for about 50 people I took my ranch kettle. Besides the party going dads there were non-party fellas that were standing around fully impressed with the size of the ranch.

Some of the questions/comments I got:
Could you fit a whole pig on that?
Is that really a Weber?
Looks like the mothership...Take me to your leader!

Jon Tofte

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I would love to see one in person. I’ll bet it takes practice to cook on one effectively.


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It looks like they have rotisseries rings on those ranches. And I thought it was strange that no women were in the photo, so it must have been "Men Only"
Looks like they are pitching shoes or?


Gene Brownson

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AAAHHHH, the rebirth of the caveman stove/oven. Good to see our origins from time to time and pay omig to those who paved the way for us all.


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Someday..... I've seen several Project Smoke videos and in many of them he has a Ranch going in the background. I haven't seen him cook on one. It would be interesting to see what he'd produce from one