temperature control

  1. M

    WSM 18.5 Temperature has been running low?

    Hello, My WSM 18.5 that I've had for 14 years has been running at a lower temparature for the last couple of cooks. In the past, I've had no problem with getting it to run at whatever temperature I wanted. I only use Kingsford charcoal. Today, I smoked three racks aof spare ribs and...
  2. Mark J M

    iQ 110/120/130 Replacement Probes

    I was wondering if anyone has had success finding off the shelf / aftermarket replacements for the temp probes of the iQ 110/120/130. I am not an electrician so I can't tell if similar products I found are suitable for the iQ temp controllers. I know they use "RFD" probes, and I have found some...
  3. C

    22.5 WSM and BBQ Guru Partyq

    I was wondering if any one had this set up with the 22.5 WSM and that Partyq? i was looking at the partyq on amazon and reading the reviews and some posted that it takes a lot of work for the partyq to keep the temp on a 22.5 ism. Anyone else have this issue?
  4. T

    Knob setting and temperature.

    Hi Guys, Anyone know of a table that establishes temp based on various combinations of knob settings for a Spirit 3 burner? For example what knob settings for a 350 degree box? Perhaps 1 burner set at 100% and a second at 25%, OR 2 set at 75% , etc. I know that ambient temp and how many zones...
  5. J

    New 22.5 Smokey Mountain

    Hey everybody I'm new to the forum and just bought a weber smokey mountain 22.5. My friend owns a hardware store and at first i was set on getting the 18.5. The thing that changed my mind and led me to getting the 22.5 is that my buddy said "Jimmy…. your always going to want more room". Plus the...
  6. T

    Have to hover by my Weber

    I love my SMW. I bought it several months ago for myself for my 50th birthday and so far have smoked salmon, whole turkey, turkey breast, chicken, and beef ribs, short and long. But here's my problem, if it is a problem. I find that to keep the smoker within temperature ranges, I am constantly...
  7. T

    Help with getting a OTG to low temp

    I'm relatively new to charcoal. I've been the proud owner of a 22" OTG for two weeks. I've been doing some dry runs as suggested at amazingribs.com. I have no problem getting a steady temp in the 325 range ( but I have to have the bottom damper almost completely closed for that), but getting...
  8. J

    What temperature does your Mini WSM prefer to settle at and a few other questions.

    I first want to thank everybody that contributes to the TVWBB forums especially the Mini WSM subforum. The information shared here is invaluable and has helped me immensely in the success of my cooks. I wanted to ask at what temp does your Mini WSM prefer to settle at or what is a range that...