1. Darryl - swazies

    Steak Taco’s

    Was out getting some food and found some triple A’s on for sale price. Grabbed a bunch, threw a few in the freezer and did 2 up tonight. Steak with carne crosta rub. Made some chimichurri. Sweet peppers, onion, mushroom and jalapeño. Some corn salsa, bit of sour creme. Fried the taco shells...
  2. Darryl - swazies

    Some tasty weekend eats

    Did some smaller cooks on the weekend, but they were as tasty as ever, so tasty I am doing the taco’s again this Saturday. Saturday I used a black angus strip, cut the fat back a tiny bit and made some good old steak tacos. The steak wasn’t over a half inch thick so it cooked a little quick on...
  3. Darryl - swazies

    Rib eye for dinner

    Put together a couple nice rib eyes on Sunday for dinner. Nothing crazy with this cook but I just wanted to point out I used the Carne Crosta rub from Oakridge again.......I might be in love with this rub. These may have been the best steaks I have had the pleasure of enjoying. Lockdowns aside...
  4. C

    Heat Output/Searing: Early 90's Genesis vs newer models

    Hey all, new member here. I'm gonna post some of my Webers soon and show off my cooks too. In the meantime, who was an older "Redhead" Genesis and a newer (say late 2000s to current years) Genesis and do the old ones not have as much power? I did a resto on my Redhead and the first cook was...
  5. G

    After Easter

    So after our Easter Brisket my better half asked for something different. So this is what I came up with - prime rib steaks
  6. Mark Barton

    Put frozen steaks right on the grill?

    This morning I watched a fascinating video about cooking frozen steaks. Wondering if anyone has tried this on the grill? Anyone used reverse sear with this method?
  7. DCloin

    Skirt Steak (Teaser, cooking tomorrow)

    last time I was at the butcher shop I picked up some skirt steak. I used to have to call ahead and order it but the store expanded and now carries it frozen in about 5lb bags. I thawed it in the fridge for 2 days and took it out tonight to marinade. Have to trim some of the fat off first...
  8. Michael C.

    Grass fed angus tenderlion steaks

    I found these at Von's. Decided to splurge on some good steaks. I had several ideas on how to grill these up, in the back of my mind. I ended up going indirect with some hickory wood, then a quick sear over the coals. They came out perfect!!! There was a good hint of smoke flavor. Best of all...
  9. NeilH

    NY strip with sides

    I fixed a strip for dinner. Turned out pretty good. I generally overcook them but I seared over hardwood and pulled at 130 then let rest for twenty minutes. I seasoned them with Montreal seasoning and coated with olive oil. Hope everyone had a safe weekend. My wife wanted chicken as always...
  10. A

    Grilled Oysters and Steaks with Baked Potatoes

    The hard part, shucking the oysters Trusty glove and shucking knife Oysters on the grill, copied after Drago's in New Orleans Oysters done, no need for anything but a fork and some hot sauce Steaks on the Grill Potatoes done Finished plate Thanks for looking and I've...
  11. Gene Brownson

    Steak n Taters

    Finally getting back into the swing of things. Figured I'd start out easy peasy with steaks and hasselbacks. Just some S&P on these. I got the chimney going, looked nice in the dark. The grill fired up, sear grate heated and steaks going, on the turn. Taters were cooked in the salvaged CI in...
  12. Paul Kastner

    Steak its what is for dinner

    Here they are Rib Eyes from Sam's Club with the red tag. Steak for sale!!! Room temp and A1 dry rub garlic and pepper. On the gasser Down the stretch them come!! Boring Salad with Balsamic Vinegrette Resting First Bite for all of you. Thanks for stopping by.