Rib eye for dinner


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Put together a couple nice rib eyes on Sunday for dinner. Nothing crazy with this cook but I just wanted to point out I used the Carne Crosta rub from Oakridge again.......I might be in love with this rub. These may have been the best steaks I have had the pleasure of enjoying.
Lockdowns aside ......I haven’t paid for an upper class meal in a long time, no one makes it as good as it is at home.


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Nice! Steaks look great and so does everything else! Also agree on the Carne rub. High on the list for steaks for me.
The steaks were pretty big, more than a pound each. I tried leaving in a probe but it wasn’t thick enough I think to get a sold reading. I had 115 on the probe but went and checked with the instant and it was at 127 so pulled them right away. Rested for about 5 to 7 minutes as everything else was ready. Mine was thicker and just slightly over the perfect spot....the one in the pic. It still was just fabulous though.....Friday is a sirloin cap roast for the old man....Friday will be a treat for him, this cook looks like this....I’m going to leave more of the fat cap on, he likes that stuff.
Debating on the carne....not sure he is a taste the meat kind of guy.....salt n pepper usually does the trick.


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Here is an older cook of the same stuff. That whole top layer is usually a 1/4 or so thick of fairly tender fat.


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I did a rib eye and put down Oakridge SPOGOS and a lighter layer of Carne Crosta, best seasoned steak I have eaten. I’m trying it again Friday to make sure it was that good. I’ll let you know.
Oakridge is doing some quality stuff for sure!
I used Oakridge SPOGOS on some hash browns the other day.....it's good too. I find the CARNE CROSTA to be not overly salty. Just enough for a steak but it could be saltier. Out of instinct I would be inclined to use just a bit of SPOGOS and a considerable amount of CROSTA.
Let us know how it goes!
Tasty Looking meal! I have to agree its really disappointing to go out to a high priced restaurant and get a mediocre meal.