Grilled Oysters and Steaks with Baked Potatoes


Adam H

The hard part, shucking the oysters

Trusty glove and shucking knife

Oysters on the grill, copied after Drago's in New Orleans

Oysters done, no need for anything but a fork and some hot sauce

Steaks on the Grill

Potatoes done

Finished plate

Thanks for looking and I've learned a lot from everybody on this site!
Looks delicious! I love oysters, grilled or raw with hot sauce and plenty of beer!

Thanks for sharing!

Looks awesome. We had a pile of oysters at new years, raw and grilled. I know for a fact that this fat boy could eat all those, a steak, and a tater. I'll even bring my own knife! I love oysters and yours remind me of good times. Thanks for posting.
If your going to grill them do you have to shuck them? I thought they would open up by themselves from the heat. Great looking meal by the way!!
John they do open up on their on. The reason is to shuck them is to pour butter and grated Parmesan cheese over them while their cooking.

Allan for the salt, can't explain it besides it was a recipe I pick up off Cooks I believe. Just works but seems weird.
Never had an oyster...Have a hard time with anything with a shell. But if i ever try em i will grill em like you! Awesome