1. KRubinow

    Cleaning and care of cooking grates and water pan

    Hi all. I'm wondering what everyone does for cleaning their cooking grates and water pan after each cook. Do you clean them each time, or just sometimes? If not all the time, do you leave the little bits of chunks of meat on? When you do clean, what's the easiest and fastest way? My kitchen...
  2. J

    Organization and Storage of BBQ Supplies and Ingredients

    My BBQ addiction has officially spilled over into 3 rooms of my home; the kitchen alone has 2 cabinet shelves and 2 drawers taken up. I have multiple plastic storage containers of spices, random BBQ utensils gridlocked in a drawer, more injection kits and thermometer wires than I care to count...
  3. Dave Z

    Cleaning Gear and a Heat Screen Mod

    Howdy! Happy holidays to folks and all the best for 2021.... Like many folks, I like to try different methods for cooking and love to do mods. I have two WSM22 and have pimped them out with lid hinges, stainless steel doors, the Cajun Bandit Extended Rack Support Kit, gaskets and a better...
  4. B

    Cleaning metal door

    I didn’t see any forums posted for this. Apologies if this topic has already been covered. I was wondering how to clean up built up junk on the outside of the small metal door used for loading charcoal and wood in a WSM. I don’t even use the door, but it got some bbq sauce or some kinda junk...
  5. Michael C.

    Sticking lid, how to clean it?

    My 14.5" is well seasoned now, the lid sticks a lot. How or what is the best way to clean it around the lid and the main body? It's a great little smoker, I use it a Lot!!! Thanks for your help? IMG_4375 by flyboymlc, on Flickr IMG_4374 by flyboymlc, on Flickr IMG_4372 by flyboymlc, on...
  6. D

    Weber Summit Charcoal Grill / Grilling Center Owners Thread

    Hi I thought it's useful to create this new thread for the WSCG owners. The sticky has too much irrelevant information. We can discuss issue/question here in a central thread. I hope this will be useful for current/potential owners. Owner's Guide (PDF) from Weber Weber Summit Charcoal Grill...
  7. B

    First smoke in a 22" WSM... newbie cleanup question

    Hi everyone, I am new to smoking and new to the Weber Smokey Mountain. I have read so much on the process, but one area I wanted to check in with everyone else is what you do when you're done with the meat? I have a ton of questions... How do I safely clean up and deal with the charcoal...
  8. Frank Eriksen

    Grill Grate Cleaning

    Have any of you tried putting your WSM cooking grates in a self-cleaning over and turning it on for 1-2 hours? Any problems???? Thanks for your help, Frank
  9. J

    New member from La Selva Beach, CA

    Hi Webers… I recently purchased an older red gas Weber from my landlord who moved to New Mexico. I'm looking for the identifying numbers on it and haven't found them yet. It is a two burner with a hard plastic board on the left. It is pretty rough and funky but is fully functional and I have...
  10. S

    Cleaning WMS?

    Hi Folks, I have been lurking for a while, and now decided to post this question. I have been using a 22.5" WSM for about 2 years now. Simply wonderful!!!! My question is this - the smoker is pretty encrusted on the inside from all the smoke, ash, fat, etc. I think that is seasoning, but I'm...
  11. S

    Cleaning your WSM

    Hello everyone I have a question regarding cleaning of your weber smokey mountain. Do you clean the insides after use. I used my brand new weber for the first time. (the smoking went well, good meat and a sucess for the first time). There is a brown dustlayer on the inside of the weber. Should...
  12. S

    Another "Sticky Lid" Thread!

    Friends: I have a WSM 18.5", and in just about every cook the lid gets so sticky that it's almost impossible to open. I regularly clean the lip of the smoker center section and also the lip of the lid with a steam cleaner, and when I'm done they are as clean as new. What I suspect is happening...
  13. PeterD

    Restoring the finish on my 2008 WSM

    I've been bothered by how cruddy the exterior of my WSM has become over the last few years and this afternoon I tried to clean it up a little. I applied copious quantities of Formula 409 with a ScotchBrite pad, rinsed off then scoured with an SOS pad to remove as much of the baked on brown...
  14. F


    Every year when i break out the WSM I always have a bit of mold - just some white spots hear and there. Now ive read on the Amazing Ribs sight that when he finds this (which he says WSM's are notorious for this) he scrubs the whole thing and basically disinfects it with a bleach solution. ...