chicken thighs

  1. ChadRex

    Chicken Thighs on Weber Performer

    First time using the Vortex, chicken thighs with honey, siracha glaze. Pre-seasoned with SPG the night before. Turned out crispy with sweet tangy , tender bite.
  2. Dwain Pannell

    Chicken Pot Barbecue -- Thanks John!

    I saw earlier that John Solak did BBQ Pit Boys' Chicken Pot Barbecue recipe for lunch. I had some chicken thighs planned for supper so it was a perfect fit for us tonight. Thanks for the fantastic idea John! I fired up a large chimney of lump and put the chicken thighs on for an indirect...
  3. John Solak


    I have to work Graves tonight and I had a couple of things I either had to cook or freeze. I decided to make me a good lunch and can have leftovers for dinner. Premarinated Pork Adobada The start of BBQ Pit Boys Chicken Pot BBQ Chicken done Served over rice and called it lunch!!
  4. John Solak

    BBQ Chicken

    Another summer like day in January so I figured BBQ chicken was in order. Seasoned some thighs with Webers Kickin Chicken When Target had their BBQ stuff on clearance a few months ago I picked up a pack of these basting brushes that screw on top of the sauce bottles, GENIUS!!!, they work...
  5. Robert T

    Chicken with roasted red peppers

    The smell of peppers and chicken was wafting through my mind so I decided to cook some thighs in a Dutchy. Started this meal by roasting some red peppers. I don't know about you folks but for me anything that starts like this is going to be good. Dredging some chicken thighs in seasoned...
  6. Michael-B

    First Two Cooks!

    These were my first two cooks on my 18.5" WSM that I just got on Thursday and I think it's safe to say that I'm going to be addicted to this! As I said in the introduction thread, I've never cooked with charcoal before so this was certainly a new experience for me. My original plan was to cook...
  7. Pete in PG

    Teriyaki Chicken 'round the world.

    Spent a few days last week in Chicago with my sisters and some friends from Michigan and Iowa that made the trip. We had a blast and spent time visiting museums (Science and Industry and the Field) as well as seeing other sites. One of the most beautiful places we visited was the Chicago...
  8. Gregory R

    Spicy chicken thighs

    Now that the ribs have been put to bed for the night I need something to eat. But first some refreshment . . . Simple salt & pepper to start them off Then on to the OTG burning KBB and some apple wood There's something primal about tending the cook fire on a cool fall evening 30...
  9. Dwain Pannell

    Mama's BBQ Chicken Thighs

    BBQ Chicken Thighs Mama (aka SWMBO) wanted good old fashioned BBQ chicken thighs so I laid out four, brined them, coated them with oil, hit them with some rotisserie rub, place them indirect on the kettle and let them rip. Once they were near done I hit then with some homemade...