carne asada

  1. Cody

    Carne Asada

    Alright, I was first introduced to carne asada when I was stationed in So Cal. Since then I can't get enough of it and was never able to find the same again. So I took it upon myself to create my own. I use flank steak with white vinegar, soy sauce, lime juice, black pepper, onion powder, chili...
  2. John Wheeler

    My version of the popular "Famous Tony R's Carne Asada Meal"!

    Tony was extremely gracious and sent me some chef moritos when I couldn't find any in my area. Here is my thank you cook to Tony and excuse to post again! Here's the start! I will post more as I go. Thank you Tony and thanks to everyone for looking.
  3. Jim Lampe

    grilled skirt

    marinated 2 pounds of skirt steak then lightly seasoned it with Chef Merito's started two half-full chimneys of Kingsford... the Santa Maria grill grabbed another brew... ...and tossed on the beef. this grill is soo cool! I love using it, yet it's only the third time...
  4. John Solak

    Carne Asada Nachos

    Some carne asada on the grill Resting a bit Then chopped Added some tortilla chips on a pizza pan and let them heat up a bit, Added the chopped carne asada and let that warm up a bit then added some shredded Colby jack and let that melt a bit. I made some chorizo and refried beans for...
  5. D

    Tony's Carne Asada

    After seeing all the posts hailing Tony's Carne Asada I had to try it and here goes. Oh yeah, I am hereby hailing Tony's Mexican rice because it was excellent. Most of the ingredients. Grilling the vegetables/peppers. And one of my plates. This was exceptional but the skirt steak was a...
  6. Dwain Pannell

    Gotta thank Tony for his Carne Asada recipe!

    The whole fam damily said these are by far the best Carne Asade Tacos we have ever eaten. Let me explain: I grew up in Texas. I have literally eaten grilled steak tacos my entire life. My New Years resolution is to make authentic dishes. This definitely fits the bill. My 4 yr old grandson...
  7. J

    Carne Asada

    So this is my first time making carne asada and it came out pretty good, but Im going to look for a better marinade. Also, my grocer doesn't carry skirt steak, and the flank looked poorly, so chuck eye it is! Tacos for dinner Tostadas for lunch After seeing Tony and others put up so many...