1. Ryan.M

    Pork Butt - SugarFree Rub

    Hey All - I am trying to cut down on sugar and wanted to try a rub that had no sugar. Can i use the SPOG Rub? (Salt/Pepper/Onion/Garlic) . Is it good just that simple? Or are there some that may be better? I would like to keep it simple.
  2. I

    First pork butt - wish me luck

    Fired up my 18.5 WSM tonight for the first time tonight, 2 boneless pork butt totalling 15lbs. Also bought a Thermopro duel thermostat to help me keep track of temps through the night. A few notes - Meat: Costco Boneless Pork Shoulder (Swift I think) all natural. Did a yellow Mustard coat and...
  3. A

    First Smoked Pork Butt... Whatcha think??

    Hey Guys, I decided that it was time to get in on some of this pork butt action so here is my first attempt at smoking one on the good ole WSM 22 aka Nadie! I smoked at a temp of about 265 for the duration of the cook. Butt was placed on at 7:45am EST and removed at 1:30pm. [/URL] This was her...
  4. Dave from Denver

    Double Pork Butt Weekend

    Hey guys, picked up a 16 lb 2 pack at Restaurant depot ($2.06/lb). But I've got a freezer full of pulled pork. What to do what to do... Pork butts Thanks to what I learned from J Biesinger's thread "breaking down a pork butt" I cut the two fat caps off for "mock belly" bacon. I had plans...
  5. D

    Post Vortex 1st smoke for 2014. The Butt is on

    Its suppose to hit in the upper 40's today now that the negative temps have past. Figured today would be a great day to Get my SMOKE on for 2014!!! 7 pound butt is on.
  6. Kaz S

    Not pulled pork

    Check out my BUTT! 9 lbs cooked 11 hours cooker ran from 225-260 Internal was 190 when I removed it and wrapped it in foil to hold for a hour and a half. But it was butter tender so I went ahead and took it off. Everyone pulls there pork. I wanted something different. It was...
  7. B

    How much pork should I smoke

    I am hosting a party of 25 people. 11 are men and 14 are women. I am planning on smoking at least two butts and some racks of ribs. I am not sure how many butts I should smoke. Two for sure. We will have other fixins too. Any thoughts on how much a 15 lb butt will feed? Thank you!