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Thread: Advice on stand mixer

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    Advice on stand mixer

    Hi I am thinking of getting a stand cake mixer , but which is the best one ? The Kitchen aid's are so expensive are they much better than the K Mix ones ?
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    This is probably the wrong thread to ask. LMichaels repairs Kitchenaids as far as I know and might be able to offer more insight. We've got the Kitchenaid Artisan and it's pretty good for what we use it for. I used the meat grinder attachment for sausage.
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    I used to have an Oster stand mixer waaaaaay back in the day. I burned out the motor in about 6 months. Replaced it with a Kitchen Aid, and never looked back. We (I) use it sometimes everyday, but at least 4-5 times a week. It has held up very well, and there are a TON of accessories for it, both KitchenAid and 3rd party.

    I also have a KitchenAid hand held mixer, which I highly recommend.
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    Check out like BB&B or similar in the CL aisle.
    I picked up a KA stand mixer for half off because it was a return, opened, because the customer didn't like the color ( white )

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    Was always partial to the big Hobart floor mixers. Just never enough bucks or floor space. Or need.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MikeS in Alaska View Post
    Was always partial to the big Hobart floor mixers. Just never enough bucks or floor space. Or need.
    I used one at a job once. Dumped in big sacks of flour, big blocks yeast, gallons water. It made a big mass of dough.

    My kitchenaid overworks dough by time it gets it everything incorporated, makes it too tough . It simply does not do as good a job as hand does. This is critical for tortillas to roll out, so i do by hand. Mixer stays in cabinet, rarely used. Too much trouble for batter, not good at dough. Yeah you can buy all kinds of gimmicks that sort of work....i used meat grinder a
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