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Thread: Royal Oak Charcoal

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    I honestly never knew RO did a Charcoal Briquettes till I read this thread. I just assumed it was all hard wood lump. I have always used KBB and have been happy with it. Now that I know RO has Briquettes I will give them a try. Here in Edmonton, AB, Canada KBB is $15 for 15.4 lbs. compared to RO being $9 for 15.4 lbs.
    18.5" 22"

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    I have found that the KBB works better on hot cooks on my WSM such as a whole chicken that is spatchcocked. For normal smokes, the Royal Oak is fine.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steve Haack View Post
    Is there anything like that for Royal Oak Ridge vs Classic? My SEO senses aren't finding it.
    As far as the new vs the old?

    Different smokes for different folks. Wish the Dollar Store sold gas!

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    I'm on my second bag of RO Premium from the Walmart MD sale.
    It seems to take a fair amount of time to get fully lit, compared to KBB, and doesn't seem to get as hot for grilling. Haven't used it in the WSM yet.
    The start up smoke is heavy, mostly dark blue, smells fine if not too close.
    I'll swear that I can see some very small wood slivers in most of the briquettes.

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