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Thread: brand-new 22.5” WSM —- first mods??

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    Unless your an engineer, and can't help yourself, , I'd pretty much leave it alone till your sure you need, or want to .

    However.... there's a couple simple things that take hardly any time or money to do..
    First, wire the charcoal grate to the ring, and you don't need handles on that
    second, notch the rim for a probe wire, soooo much easier then threading the probe through the grommet.
    Third, fire it up and cook something...

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    These are not really mods, but I used stainless steel tywraps (Home Depot) and attached the charcoal ring to the grate and instead of water I cover the bowl with several layers of heavy duty foil leaving an air space between the bottom of the bowl and the foil to catch the grease.
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    +1 on adding a second charcoal grate placed at 90 degrees. Not really a mod.
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    Seal, seal, seal

    First thing I did was get material to seal the top to the mid-section as well as the door. It might be all mental, but for me I can't stand seeing smoke sneak out there rather than the top vent.
    (Here's what I got, but there are others-

    I also put casters on the bottom so I can wheel the whole thing on my patio out from under the overhang.

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