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Thread: Do I Need A Password Or Secret Handshake To Join The Club?

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    Quote Originally Posted by TonyS T-Bone View Post
    Dave: Re Skyline membership.... Once you pass probation and submit dues in full you will receive one of these Skyline membership cards:

    I want one!
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    Why was the Skyline discontinued?

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    It was a special edition. Just like cars, they run a special edition for some occassion or some short period of time and that's it. If they manufacture them for too long, they no longer are "Special". Weber used to do this more often back in the Genesis 1000 and Genesis Silver B days. They made hoods with special colors only sold by certain retail chains. They made grills with special options only sold by certain retail chains. They sold grills with logos on the hoods. One of which was "Snap On" and there were others. But they only made a limited amount of them and now, they are very hard to find.

    This is similar to what auto manufacturers do. They will manufacture and sell a limited edition of a certain car such as it's 50th anniversary.
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    Excellent explanation Bruce! Now I want some lunch!
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