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Thread: Comfort food time!

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    Comfort food time!

    Fall is probably my favorite time of year to cook. I have quite a few recipes I'll be pushing out in the next few weeks.

    One of my all time favorites is oven fried chicken. When I was a kid my mom made this often with a cut up whole chicken. I'd always get the legs. So whenever I see legs on sale I pick them up. Last week they were $0.88/pound!

    This can be done on the grill or smoker too, and I do quite often. This time was just in the oven.

    1 whole chicken (parted out) or 8 chicken legs
    1/3 cup Crisco or lard

    1/4 cup seasoned flour. I typically season with SPOG and paprika.

    Preheat oven and a cast iron pan pan with Crisco to 425

    Dredge Chicken with seasoned flour. I place mine in a plastic bag and shake.

    Cook for 30 minutes. Flip chicken cook for 15-20 minutes more.

    Served with garlic mashed taters and mixed veggies. Yes there is purple in the taters. Had a few purple taters that needed to be used.
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    Looks delicious, Case! Thanks for sharing the recipe.....looks like good Fall grub!


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    Great colour !
    So many recipes, so little time
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    I'll be darn if I'm not gonna do this method soon. In most of my adult life I ate the breast, exclusively, but a couple years ago my taste buds suddenly changed and I love legs. Did your own cooking experience begin when you were a kid? You always post awesome dinners.

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    Nice looking chicken Case. Will give your recipe a try. We picked up a new brand of seasoned flour yesterday and I'll give it a try with chicken. We spent a few days up your way last week. We had to go north to experience our first rain of the season and some nice, chilly weather in the mornings.
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    WOW!!! Case, that chicken looks fantastic. Will give that a try and thanks for the recipe.
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    That looks awesome. It's definitely something I want to try doing!
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    Looks great and looks simple, my kind of recipe. Already printed and in the hands of Barb
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