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Thread: Rehaber in Chicagoland.

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    Well for the rest of you that are still restoring grills for resale all I can say is for the amount of time and labor and money you guys put into those Weber's $300+ is a bargain. I've done eight restorations for resale. I know how tedious it is to try and get that old work horse grill to look like new again. I'm just glad to see it starting to pay off for you guys, you certainly deserve it.
    I also know the reward is part knowing that you saved an old weber from the scrap heap.
    The thing that bothers me the most is now because of the success you've had and myself everybody at least around here now thinks that their clapped out old Weber is worth what we were getting for a nice restore, so affordable restorable grills are now very hard to find. I haven't seen a genesis 1-5 or 1000 -5000 in any shape for under $85-125 since spring. Those are even down in Phoenix which is a 200+ mile round trip. Up here in Prescott there has been zero up for sale, the last one I saw was last June, except for the skyline I missed by less than an hour right in my neighborhood.
    That's why I stopped doing restores, but I will be watching all the great work you all post.
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    Well no Bruce but, if I find a great deal on a Skyline, I might need to take a delivery trip for someone that “Knows what fer” in western movie parlance!
    Mi kitchen aid could probably use a tune up so, that might turn into an interesting road trip!
    I have enough equipment for the time being, and the grill buying coffers are tapped out for the season. I should be watching for a donor firebox for the silver B I have on loan. The end suffered some problem with napalm at some point in it’s life. If the box and frame suffers catastrophic failure, I will save the blue hood! Maybe swap it on the maroon Genny. I don’t know. The blue was really cool and I kind of wish I had not loaned it out but, they needed it, I have plenty to share!
    I might be kind to my neighbor with a Pizzaque if I can get him to cut the firebrick I need trimmed.
    The generosity shared on this forum is catching, I just see someone with a grill problem, I try to help!
    Thanks guys
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    Bruce: I have no intentions on doing so.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bruce View Post
    And you guys need to tone it down a bit. I am not the be all end all with rehabbing these grills. I have seen a lot of grills on this forum that have highly impressed me. I am just trying to keep up with everyone else.

    I definitely appreciate that you don't have "the big head"! At the same time, we are all happy to give credit where it is certainly due. Your workmanship is always top drawer and you don't try to gauge or trick people out of extra money. A very fair deal putting really nice grills back into service (instead of them buying another chinajunk special!)

    OK, maybe you should start charging a little more since the market seems to be willing, but most of all keep being an all around good guy offering a first class product - a true labor of love!


    p.s. I hope this fall to grow up a little and do more like you do with your restores! We will see...
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