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Thread: Costco St Louis cut spares

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    Costco St Louis cut spares

    I've cooked a lot of baby backs from Costco, but this was my first time cooking their spares. These were Swift Premium.

    On the kamado with sweet cherry wood and Timber lump:

    Here after 1 hour at 240, then 1.5 hours at 280 plus or minus.
    Into foil with brown sugar and apple juice.

    Out of the foil after an hour at about 280.

    About 15 minutes with sauce:

    Near fall off the bone, and plenty moist.

    Some of my best, but i credit the quality of the meat, not the cook or the cooker.
    A couple of heavy rain storms came and went, but had no adverse effects on the cook.
    Thanks for viewing!

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    Costco's Swift Premium ribs, both BB and Spares have spoiled me. Haven't bought my ribs anywhere else in a few years now. The meat quality looks terrific but we all know the cook had plenty to do with it.
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    Look great to me, I’m not going back to Costco until I need more...
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    We've had plenty of BBs from Costco but like you never tried their spares, guess I'll have to fix that. Yeah, right the cook didn't have anything to do with the goodness of the cook
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    Nice looking spares Bob.
    Don't have a Costco close but do have some night little meat markets here in Durango.
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    Nice cook Bob! Looks like I will get to head over to my local Costco and try some spares.

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    Mighty fine looking bones you cooked. Tasty - I'll bet.

    Have been doing mostly spares of late because we like the extra meat. Sprouts sells the same brand and runs regular sales for $2.99/lb. Sometimes $1.99/lb.
    I like buying there because I can get 1 rack wrapped in cyro. At Costco, usually have to buy 3 racks at a time.
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