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Thread: I'll admit it

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    I'll admit it

    So I always make it a policy to not put away my grills dirty like for the winter or plain storage. So I was very unhappy to find that I had put the cga that I have been using away for the winter dirty. So I gave it a quick clean and used it for some steaks and hot dogs. The next day I gave it a royal cleaning. Now it's all shiny and ready for upcoming cooks. Don't make that mistake !
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    I never know when my "last" cook for the season is so I try to give my cookers a scrub late in the season. After that I make it a point to open it up and let it rip after each cook.
    I figure the heat will burn off anything left.

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    So far, none of my grills stay idle.

    Come rain, sleet,

    With the exception of my kettle grill, I clean all of my cooking surfaces after each meal with soap & water.
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