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Thread: "Smoke Seasonings"

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    Smoked salts are a “finishing” flavor, smoked paprika is a distinctive flavor unto itself, liquid smoke...well, that has its own place. The rest are real ingredients, not, “hacks” or “crutches” to be specific.
    They are not intended to take the place of the smoking anything.
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    I'm becoming more of a purist in terms of rubs, often using just salt, fresh ground pepper and granulated garlic for smoked foods. That being said, I wouldn't look down on anyone for using "smoked" ingredients in their rubs or sauces. Personally, I like to use them to bring a smoky flavor to foods that I can't or wouldn't cook on my WSM. For example, I use applewood-smoked bacon, smoked paprika and canned chipotle peppers (smoke-dried jalapenos) in my go-to chili recipe. They add that little special something that gets people scratching their heads to try an identify the flavor. Just enough background smoke and heat to make folks sit up an take notice.
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