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Thread: Restoring Genesis Grills?

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveW View Post
    .Thing is, ALL of Weber's closed cart models have issues with the cart bottoms rusting out. Starting with the 2005/6 Genny Silver and Golds, to the 300 series with E/W burners, to the 300's with N/S burners. I don't know if it was bad design (lack of air flow), poor coatings, cheap metal or what, but those carts just have issues in most cases.
    Yeah, I agree. I bet the one exception to this is the earlier generation Summit Platinum which had a stainless frame and ALL stainless cart pieces - bottom sides and back:

    I have rehabbed several 300 series Genesis grills, both the first "E-W" and the later "N-S". I have been fortunate to be able to use 304 stainless bottoms and on most backs that my sheet metal shop friend fabricated for me:



    Even with these stainless parts I still had to POR-15 rust problems on the side frame pieces. The stainless parts definitely will help prevent new rust, but you would still have to watch the painted metal frames carefully and go after the first signs of rust's return.
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    I still prefer a cabinet to having all the accessories just sitting on an open shelf. I too don't know for sure what causes the issue. I can tell you that the cart on my Summit is not rusting out BUT the lower shelf on my old Summit is a wire rack. However a wire rack is MUCH harder to make and ultimately more expensive than a simple piece of cheap stamped steel that is powder coated

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    Quote Originally Posted by LMichaels View Post
    However a wire rack is MUCH harder to make and ultimately more expensive than a simple piece of cheap stamped steel that is powder coated
    I wish that would be the case. For the Gold C I just got the replacement bottom shelf is a whooping $190!!!!. The wire rack just costs around $45.

    But coming back to the original question about what I love about the the older Weber:
    - East - West direction of burners. Perfect for using a rotisserie. No need for a back burner.
    - Sold frame construction.
    - Large wheels. I have a cobble stone patio where I need to move my grill occasional depending what I am grilling or smoking and these office chair wheels on many of the newer Weber are useless.
    - Fold up tables. I will never understand why Weber discontinued these.
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