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Thread: I am Trying to Save a Red Head. (With Pictures)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chris Allingham View Post
    Bill, do you have the support bracket that connects the manifold to the frame? I don't see it in your photo, maybe it's in the cardboard box of parts.

    My first New Platinum series I was missing that par, really helps keep burners in place.
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    Sometimes they are just wire brakets that clip over that rail to the bottom right in the picture. I have seen several grills with them not used at all. But that could simply be that they fell off and were lost by a previous owner.

    My personal Genesis 1000 doesn't have any kind of bracket or support and I didn't put one on after I refurbished it. I probably should have something just for the added support, but it seems pretty sturdy without any extra support.
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    Bill, Awesome job! What a beautiful grill. You have me inspired to get my current Genesis S-310 restoration done so that I can dedicate some time to a real classic like yours. I will be happy to get even halfway as good results.

    Thanks for all the great pics. Hope you save another one soon!
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