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Thread: HeaterMeter Hardware v4.3.3

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    I think that's Ralph that has the sliding back case design but I don't think the files were ever posted. If you email him and he has them I'm sure he'd share or PM him here @RalphTrimble.
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    I just finished up building a Heatermeter 4.3 along with a case, a stand, and an Adapt-a-Damper housing. I have a dozen different radial fans, but none of them are the correct size, so I have to wait a few more days until the correct fan is delivered. However, the unit seems to work.

    I want to thank all the people for providing the electronically challenged people of the world with such an easy path to success. The kit was perfect and the on-line instructions are really great. If you have a decent iron and a little experience in soldering, I would imagine that anyone could build one without difficulty. I moved my soldering station from my work bench to my computer desk so I could follow along step by step and double/triple check the wonderful photographs of the various boards and components.

    I'm an experienced 3D print guy. I'm greatly impressed with the precision and accuracy of the STL files for the case, the stand, and the fan/servo housing. Great job guys.

    I'm looking forward to transitioning from the fan only controller I build several years ago and using the Heatermeter. My problem has been too much air leaking past the fan when trying low-and slow cooking and I anticipate that my new set-up with a damper will solve that problem.

    Thanks again to everyone who contributed to this project.

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