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    Hi Ralph. I'm hoping to get a copy of the STL files for your roto damper. I had a copy of one of the older variants which worked really well but I moved and misplaced my damper assembly. My email address is ericlfs@hotmail.com. Thanks very much.
    Hi. I saw your post back in 2015 for the RDTC board wiring. Seems the pictures are gone now? Can you send them to me. Or maybe an instruction sheet? I want to order but want to look at it first. Thanks!!
    building a heatermeater and would like to build a roto damper. if you are willing to print one for me. I would really appreciate it. I don't have a prointer but my public library has 3 for their patrons so I can print one if you would feel comfortable with that. either way I would appreciate it
    thx nate
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