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    Buttons not working, ham-fisted solderer suspected, sought for questioning...

    To the original question, the button circuit is fairly simple... There is an ADC input on the ATMEGA (Pin 23) that reads voltage, when it sees specific voltages it registers the corresponding button press. Each button is supplied +5V through a specific value resistor that sets that button lead...
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    Ancient Heater Meater Unit... need parts

    My guess is you have HMv4.24 because it has a thermocouple pit probe and one button control. Is your problem with the connector on the HM device or the connector on the probe? If the thermocouple probe end is your problem you might try taking it apart, the leads sometimes get twisted and short...
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    Tried updating snapshot and have trouble. Did I do it wrong?

    Sounds like the IP address on the HM may have changed? Reboot the HM and watch the screen, it should display the IP address when it connects, then try to connect to the GUI on that IP. You can also go to from a computer on the same network and it should show the...
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    Tried updating snapshot and have trouble. Did I do it wrong?

    Going with the bundled version writes the version you have from your current installation I believe, meaning, does not upgrade. Also, there are two places in the HM where you can push updates. Instead of Linkmeter\AVR Firmware try this: DL the latest release (looks like release v15 is newer...
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    Tried updating snapshot and have trouble. Did I do it wrong?

    Glad its working again. On the HM DL page make sure you select the proper options to match your rPi version before you dl the update.
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    Bizarre Power Issues

    My first step would be to test the HM power supply circuit. Unplug the rPi and provide a proper 12V input voltage to the HM and check the PS section by section: Test for 12V at the solder side of the power connector Test for 12V on the input pin of the OKI 12/5V converter board, and 5V on the...
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    Heatermeter Aux. Thermocouple And two probe board V6.1(Final Version)

    It can be used to extend three standard probes with just the plugs, the TC probe would require all the components. You can connect whichever probes you want (with exception of the TC) by connecting the jumpers on the HM board to the desired probes.
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    Why can't this thing just work... (frustrated)

    In a case like this I usually remove the ATMega and rPi, then quickly sweep through and re-solder the whole board, then wash board with flux remover or isopropyl alcohol and a soft brush and let dry. Then reinstall the ATMega and rPi and see how it works. Depending on board versions, sometimes...
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    New Heatermeter Build - power and voltage issues.

    You note the new HM is not attached to the rPi.... did you initially connect the new HM to the rPi so the firmware could be loaded on the ATMEGA? If not then your HM is a blank slate, no operating system... Need to program the SD card and connect the rPi to the HM and let if boot and flash the...
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    Pit Reading 400°F + when plugged in. K-Thermocouple

    Tell your son to pick up on this thread, with some patience and help from forum members he will get it working.... I still think the HM is gonna be superior to any other BBQ controller out there if you build a damper, to my knowledge no other controller has implemented a damper system, though I...
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    Why can't this thing just work... (frustrated)

    Michel, I understand your frustration. In a situation like this I take the "shotgun" approach. Remove the rPi, pull the ATMEGA, then with a clean soldering iron QUICKLY reflow the solder on the entire board. If you soldered heavily the first time then a reheat to reflow is probably all you...
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    Airburner - HeaterMeter Success!

    My first experience with the HM was with a generic bullet smoker... I was finding the pit would overshoot the target temp and hang there, the HM was helpless to control it because servo dampers hadn't been implemented yet. So the HM would monitor the pit just waiting for it to cool down so it...
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    Thermal Couple Vs Thermal Probes (thermistors)

    If we were talking about meat probes being off 3-5 degrees in 100-200F range that may be something to be concerned about, 'cause you're relying on that temp to estimate doneness.... but the pit temp being off a couple degrees is not a big deal from my point of view. The pit temp varies quite a...
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    Take a peek at my rain resistant box.

    I too wondered about the air intake for the box? I used to have a rig kinda like that for my HM alone, I found myself leaving the cover off so I could see and adjust the HM easier... Murphy's law eventually kicked in and the box filled with rain! LOL I have left my RD3 out on my grill 24/7...
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    Thermocouple Noise When Using 2.4G Wifi

    Can you make the HM delay posting TC temp data until a few seconds after it goes from OFF to connected? This would keep the wonky part of the TC startup off the graph, I don't think anyone has a real need to see the TC temperature instantaneously after it is plugged in? I would accept the...