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Thread: Smoke Day 11 at the P1Gvilion!

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    TVWBB Hall of Fame Barb D's Avatar
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    Jim, all I can say is WOW!!!! You sure do know how to put a party together and the food EXCELLENT as always. Wish we could have been there, thanks for sharing those wonderful pics with us.
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    TVWBB Pro Matt Rector's Avatar
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    What a Rib master! That is how you throw a party, great times had by all!
    Carlton Pigsmoker!
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    TVWBB 1-Star Olympian Jim Lampe's Avatar
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    Thank you all, really! We appreciate all your very nice comments!
    We had fun and are lookin' forward, now, to GrillFest in August... however, we'll keep that party down a bit.
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    TVWBB All-Star Jim McKelvey's Avatar
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    So much awesomeness in this thread. Great cook / spread Jim! The ultimate compliment - Wish we were neighbors and on good terms!!!
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