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    Forum Members Only: Win Maverick Redi-Chek ET-733 Wireless BBQ & Meat Thermometer NIB

    I miss my ET-732 so this would be welcomed here and put to good use
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    How does the Smokefire app compare to a RecTeq?

    I've been on the fence between a Smokefire EX4 and a RecTeq 590. Anybody have first hand knowledge and can compare the app from each?
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    DIY grease drip catch tray?

    I'm interested in a gen2 SF to be used mostly for long low and slow cooks of things like brisket, beef ribs and pork butts. I'm concerned these greasy types of meats could cause enough grease drippings and ash to combine and ignite since (I think) Weber is still using the same floor-based grease...
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    Finishing sauce for beef back ribs?

    I’ve never used a BBQ sauce on any beef I’ve smoked but think I want to try some on beef back ribs. Any suggestions for a commercial sauce? I would use it to glaze the ribs about 30 minutes before pulling them. i usually glaze my pork ribs and like a sweet and spicy sauce so and am a big fan of...
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    Couple questions about my new 22” Performer

    I decided to get a 22” Performer with the short folding table after a year of make-do grilling on the bottom of my 18” WSM. Looking forward to summer time grilling if the meat supply will hold up! 1. How do folks open/close the hinged cooking grate openings once things get hot? I assume they...
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    A new player in the kettle game...

    looks to me like they basically copied the Weber and sale price is the same. I think I’ll stick with Weber.
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    Beef loin flap meat steaks ???

    I still have the half the package in the freezer and was contemplating taking a low-and-slow approach instead of hot-and-fast grilling. Is this cut better off being grilled or smoked?
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    Beef loin flap meat steaks ???

    I grilled it last night after marinating in teriyaki sauce. I folded the strips onto skewers to get it more like the size of a steak. It was ok, a bit chewy.
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    Beef loin flap meat steaks ???

    Agreed! That’s what kept me from buying them.
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    Beef loin flap meat steaks ???

    They were 9.99/lb which isn’t cheap. I can get ribeyes less than that. But they do look good
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    Beef loin flap meat steaks ???

    Just saw a pack of these Beef loin flap meat steaks at Costco and they looked really marbled and delicious. But i didn’t buy them as I wasn’t sure how to cook them. What is this cut like? I was thinking it would be best grilled like a steak, maybe after marinating in my favorite teriyaki sauce...
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    Height from grate surface to charcoal for grilling?

    Does Weber build their charcoal grills have a standard height from the grate surface to the charcoal? I ask as I use a poor man's version of my 18" WSM to do any charcoal grilling. I do this buy dumping a lit chimney of charcoal into the bottom of the WSM as per usual, then just place my...
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    Replacement bottom grate options for older 18.5” WSM?

    What I'm looking for is the 18.5" bottom cooking grate...sometimes called the lower grate. But not the charcoal grate.
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    Replacement bottom grate options for older 18.5” WSM?

    Do you mind sharing the Amazon link for the $23 one? All i see is this Weber #85042 Lower Grate one that Chris links to on the replacement parts guide:
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    Replacement bottom grate options for older 18.5” WSM?

    My 2005 era WSM is finally ready for a new bottom grate. The one on Amazon is $40 :confused: and would either like a cheaper source or if any of our aftermarket options will suffice? I mention that mine is a 2005 model in case there is a difference. Sometimes there are.