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    BGE Eggzilla!!!

    Yeah, based on the description in the press release, the eggzilla is 64" tall. That picture looks like it's more like 72"+. One can only dream of a BGE that size
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    BGE Eggzilla!!!

    I know this isn't the egghead forum, but I thought most of you will interested in this: That's over 1.5 x bigger than a Weber ranch kettle!!! There's a picture of it on the Big Green Egg's Facebook page...
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    Fatties - 1st impression

    I've smoked fatties a couple of times using Tennesee Farm and Jimmy Dean brand sausages, and for the most part, they've turned out well. One time it came out a bit dry, but the last time I made them, after a couple of hours in the smoker, I added apple juice to some foil and rolled them up and...
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    Influences and reflections??

    Hi Lolis, thanks for taking time to answer our questions. Let me tell you, I loved your book! It was the first narrative on BBQ that I had read, and since then, I have been trying to find more books that address BBQ in that style. Now, you mentioned this project had its beginnings after...
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    Styles of Q

    Hi Ray... love the book! Anyways, being a fellow Chicagoan, I'm interested in what regional style of BBQ you like the most and try to emulate in your cooking. Do you find yourself blending certain aspects of these styles in your cooking? Thanks! Randy C.
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    Peoria Packing in Chicago

    They have a small parking lot right in front. Kinda tight, but... at least they have one. Enjoy your visit there. The first time I went, I was in awe! Randy
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    Attn Chicagoland WSM'ers

    The new Bloomingdale Meijer is having a Kingsford sale until 5/21. It is on the corner of Schick and Gary Roads. They are selling 2-20# bags for $5. I just bought 8 bags from there tonight and had bought 2 bags yeaterday. Where on earth am I going to put 200# of Kingsford. Oh well, a good...
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    Chicago WSMers FYI

    Jeff- I've only gone there once and I think their BB ribs are ~$3.79lb. I have heard their beef isn't that good, but i didn't really check it out. It is on Lake, just a block or two east of Ogden. Randy C.
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    Chicago WSMers FYI

    Peoria Packing has spareribs on sale this week for $1.59/lb. The sale goes to 5/3. Randy C.
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    Smoking with aluminum pans???

    Hi folks. Quick question... who smokes pork butt, brisket, etc. using an aluminum pan to hold the meat? I guess that would keep the juices right there basting the meat, but does it make a difference in cooking times? In your opinion, does it turns out noticeably better? Thanks, Randy C.
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    How long should i plan for this cook?

    Hi everyone. I am making lunch for my co-workers this Monday and am planning to smoke a 6lb and and a 7lb pork butt, and maybe some baby back ribs on top. I am planning to do this smoke overnight starting Sunday evening and wanted to finish up pulling the pork by 10 AM the next morning. How...
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    Kansas City BBQ recommendations?

    Hi everyone... Just returned from my KC escapade. I was able to visit 4 BBQ joints and had an interesting time. We went to Fiorella's Jack Stack in the freight district, Oklahoma Joe's, Arthur Bryants at the Ameristar Casino, and Danny Edwards. We tried a bunch of stuff but a few things stood...
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    Need help with future brisket flat

    The flat did have a fat cap. Oh... the flat was in 2 pieces. This was the first time I have seen it this way from Costco. Maybe I'll try a whole brisket next time. Matt- I also did my 1st pork butt this weekend and it turned out decently. It could have been a tad juicier, but decent...
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    Need help with future brisket flat

    Hi everyone. This weekend I smoked a ~5lb brisket flat. I've done this before with decent results. This time though, I had it on the top grate of my WSM and the lid temp was ~260 degrees and the internal temp was 185 within 5 hrs. It came out with a good taste, nice smoke ring, but was...
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    Favorite Wines for BBQ?

    I love to drink wine (i.e. Cabernet Sauvignon, Pinot Noir), but for BBQ, I usually opt for Newcastle Brown Ale, Guinness, or Sam Adams (my favorite domestic beer). Art R- Goose Island Summertime is a great beer! I love that stuff. Hey... did you see the new Sam's Wine and Spirits in your...