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    Chuck roast fail... Autopsy requested

    I did one a couple weeks ago, smoked it for about 5 hours, wrapped it in foil, and 3 hours later it was at 210F and tender. I left them in the foil and put into a small cooler until we were ready to eat. I have never tried to slow down a cook before, since resting in foil improves the final...
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    Smoked chuck roast without foil?

    I have read people saying 6 to 7 hours when foiling, so i am guessing closer to 12 without foil?
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    Smoked chuck roast without foil?

    I have about 10.5lbs of chuck roast I am looking to smoke for a party this weekend. I'm not really big on cooking in foil and was wondering if you can still get good results smoking chuck roast without foiling it partway through. I will still rest it in foil for a couple hours afterwards. I was...
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    14.5 Water Pan Replacement

    Anyone found a replacement that you can put water in? I also don't like how deep the pan is. It could be shallower and wider to hold more water.
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    First brisket tonight. Fat side up or down?

    Bit late to this one, but i did my first brisket fat up and had 1/8" of shoe leather on the bottom side. The rest have all been fat down, and no more shoe leather layer. I ran temps 225-250 the whole time with water so excess heat wasn't an issue.
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    Char broil half time chimney starter

    I used the modified starter last Friday. Put one layer of new briquettes on the bottom then put my used on top which filled the chimney. Ran the gas starter for about 7 minutes, and it took about 20 minutes to fully light with a light wind. I guess i need to start both chimneys at once sometime...
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    Char broil half time chimney starter

    Just finished round 1 modifications. Should get a chance to try it out tomorrow night. I tried to follow the existing hole pattern but freehanded it.
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    Char broil half time chimney starter

    I am going to grill some chicken breasts tonight so i think i will take the drill out with me and enlarge / add some holes to one of my weber chimneys and see if i can tell a difference. I know sometimes if i have a lot of reused charcoal the small pieces can stifle the airflow bottom to top so...
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    Wet bulb temperature and the stall.

    As far as fuel consumption goes, i ran two cookers last summer side by side on a pork butt cook, and the one with a Piedmont Pan full of water used less fuel, and less water than the stock 2009+ style pan did.
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    Char broil half time chimney starter

    I have two of the large chimneys so i am thinking I will modify one and run a test sometime to see just how much difference it really makes. I used one of the old style Char broil chimneys yesterday at someone else's house and it was horribly slow to light, but it has no holes in the side so...
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    Char broil half time chimney starter

    I just saw one of these at Walmart this past weekend. The sides have a series of slots stamped in them for more air flow. I was wondering if anyone had used one yet and how it compares to the large Weber chimney? Kind of makes me want to enlarge / increase the number of the air holes in my...
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    Attitude on Weber Summit Charcoal Grill pricing

    Does the poll not show up in the mobile version of the website? Edit: poll showed up when i switched to the "full site" view from the mobile view.
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    Best way to bring the 18.5 to 280-300 ish degrees for chicken

    I run as hot as possible with chicken, i use 2 lit chimneys of lump and KBB mixed, and leave all vents wide open. I actually added 1 lid and 2 intake vents to run higher temps.
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    Longer cooks... How to reload charcoal

    I bought an ash tool for the biggest Big Green Egg and use that to stir the coals as well as push the coals into a pile away from the door when i add more charcoal. That way the fire burns into the cold charcoal and doesn't put off all the gray smoke.
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    Can't get enough heat

    I ran 2 18.5" models side by side on a pork butt smoke this smer, 1 with a Piedmont Pan full of water and the other with the stock 2009+ pan full of water. The one with the Piedmont Pan ran slightly hotter, and used noticeably less water and charcoal than the stock bowl equipped smoker.