Smoked chuck roast without foil?


Paul Pearson

I have about 10.5lbs of chuck roast I am looking to smoke for a party this weekend. I'm not really big on cooking in foil and was wondering if you can still get good results smoking chuck roast without foiling it partway through. I will still rest it in foil for a couple hours afterwards. I was planning on running water in the smoker and injecting the roast(s) ahead of time.

Bill Farmer

TVWBB Super Fan
I just place chuck roast in a foil pan (add about 1/4 inch of water with some beef bouillon and some seasonings) to catch the drippings. I never foil them. My wife makes stroganoff with the leftovers and the smoky flavor for the stroganoff makes it outstanding

Steve Whiting

TVWBB All-Star
I'm not big on foiling meats although sometimes its necessary but I have found with the chuck roasts I have done they always dry out if I don't foil.