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    Recharagable battery recommendation for PartyQ

    Just do what I did.
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    WSM Hinge Installed

    Haven't had that issue.
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    WSM Hinge Installed

    Updated with Flickr pictures since Photobucket sucks.
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    How'd you get into barbecue? *****

    It has been a while. Bump!
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    PartyQ AC adapter mod for less than 10 bucks

    I updated the pictures with my new Flickr account since Photobucket is trying to rob people blind.
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    Finally smoked my first brisket

    I've had my WSM for years, but never cooked a brisket. I guess I've always been intimidated by such an expensive piece of meat. Being in Jersey, I can't find cheap brisket anywhere. Finally pulled the trigger and picked up a 13 pounder for $3.99/lb at the Restaurant Depot. It was a CAB brisket...
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    WSM Hinge Installed

    I just followed the steps in this video. It was pretty easy.
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    WSM Hinge Installed

    You won't regret it.
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    ATC Reccomendation

    Hey Franky, Not sure if you'll see this since it was almost a year ago, but check out my write up on an inexpensive mod to run the PartyQ with an AC Adapter. Whereabouts in Jersey are you?
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    WSM Hinge Installed

    Love the new hinge I received for Christmas. I highly recommend everyone picking one of these up. Hinge 1 by Matthew Heney, on Flickr Hinge 2 by Matthew Heney, on Flickr
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    mothers day buffet (pic heavy)

    Oh nice, I know that area a little bit. I stop down there every one in a while to go to Poor Boys on Route 33.
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    mothers day buffet (pic heavy)

    Where in Central Jersey are you? Might need to stop in for some of them ribs...
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    New Jersey > Somerville: Smokehouse BBQ

    I ate here not too long ago and was pretty disappointed. The fried pickles were delicious, but the bbq itself was pretty bad. I had the brisket sandwich, which was sliced the way I like it, but it was just gray meat on soggy bread. No bark, no smoke ring, almost as if it were cooked in an...