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    The Humor Thread

    Bob Correll are an evil old man ............. an hilarious evil old man.................... but :D
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    Not happy with my first brisket :(

    YT vid from fella whose worked at a few Texas barbecue joints, he talks about the fat in the point that is intramuscular. I still think maybe your's did not render enough, but he this guy is OK with it, vid will start where be begins slicing the point
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    My new workbench.

    Good place to spend the winter
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    The Humor Thread

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    Looking for mac cheese recipe using rib tips ?

    Local barbecue joint here in OKC serves a rib tip mac and cheese. We have a lot of rib tips and would like to do this. Anyone know of a recipe or something similar ?
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    Full NFL Week 1 Ratings Breakdown: Fox Up for Brady Bucs, Everyone Else Down
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    How about some good music links?

    The Yardbirds on a French TV show in March 1968. Except for " Dazed and Confused " the music here is not that great. But in the history of rock, its relevant. The Yardbirds at various times, had Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, and Jimmy Page on lead guitar. This clip is toward the end of...
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    TrendKill posted a goodSmokeFire🔥 video.

    " hey, ya know what I'm sayin " I know what you're sayin.
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    Flanken ribs advice needed

    I've never found flaken ribs that thick. If it were me, I'd go indirect, possibly reverse sear them just like a steak.
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    Annual Skeeter BBQ

    I always thought Mesquite was in the wrong part of Texas. Mesquite needs to be a West Texas or Panhandle town :)
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    Annual Skeeter BBQ

    Skeeter ? As in Skeeter boats ? LIke the one I have in my garage ?
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    1991 Weber Performer ad

    I bought a Kettle in 1990. Can't even recall if a Performer was available. By 1999, the ash blades had rusted out in that Kettle. Another stupid move in my life, I had no idea they could be replaced and I just bought another Kettle. Or maybe I was just looking for an excuse to upgrade...
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    Question on vent management

    I like to have all three vents open the same amount. And it does not take much to increase air flow in a WSM. As everyone should know, they're purty persnickety . I have a table on my patio for barbecue junk, and I keep my dowel rods there. Had them a long time.