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    I did a half ham on my 14.5 last Xmas. Possibly due to the smaller area it cooked faster than I expected so watch your temps. I smoked mine for an hour to set the glaze, then I foiled it for a while so it wouldn't dry out, and uncovered for the last 30 mins or so. It came out great and I am...
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    Brisket question

    Thanks for all the advice. The brisket turned out really good imo. The only issue is that it was not equal height, there was a big hump on one end. so i had to cook it where it was probe tender on the narrower part and a little under on the big part to avoid overcooking the smaller area. It...
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    Brisket question

    I've got a 14" wsm. My butcher had a 4 lb grassfed brisket so I bought it. I've done everything but a brisket in my little wsm. I can't seem to find any info on whether such a small piece would be better low n slow or high heat. And I can't find anything that tells me approximately how long per...
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    2nd Whole Chicken cook (starting to get the hang of it)

    Nice looking chicken you got there! Beautiful color :) Instead of opening the door, I prop the lid with a screwdriver or skewer for the entire cook. It improves the air flow enough that I can easily maintain 350 degree plus temps without any fluctuation. I'm guessing that opening the door meant...
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    Beginner Using New 14.5" WSM. Any tips or recipes?

    I like to do chicken around 350 degrees, and my spatchcock never goes over an hour. I usually set my temp alarm for 160 because I finish off the skin directly over the coals.
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    Frostie Paws for dogs...

    Discovered this recipe here last summer and made them for the first time. I really appreciate the "bump" to remind me. My dog loved them, and we adored the little milk mustache she sported when eating them. So big thanks from my Jindo girl, Shasta!!!
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    My 1st Whole Chicken cook on 18.5 WSM

    Looks absolutely awesome!!! Did you use the E&J sauce or something else? Since you're an east bay person, do you know about the Oaktown Smoke Shop? They make their own rubs on the spot! You can refill jars for a discount. I got some granulated honey from them and used it on some ribs along...
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    Beginner Using New 14.5" WSM. Any tips or recipes?

    I don't know the answer to that, but seriously - you're gonna get hooked and it won't be a month or more between cooks! Even if you don't want to, your friends and family will bug you to get smokin'. I fire mine up every weekend and cook stuff to have during the week. The only caveat I have...
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    Question About Smoking Ribs, and Chicken, also question about thermometer on WSM 18.5

    Don't start out comparing your cooks to E&J. All my bbq came from them until I got my smoker and after 6 months, I'm just now feeling like I'm in the zone. However, you can snag jars of their sauce (skip the mild) and it will do wonders for your food =). I do my chicken hot at around 275-300...
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    Beginner Using New 14.5" WSM. Any tips or recipes?

    My 14.5" was my first smoker, although I have a weber kettle. It took maybe 10 smokes or so before the thing was seasoned and a nice layer of gunk sealed the lid/door really well. Temp control became rock steady after that, whereas there were lots of fluctuations before and I was constantly...
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    2nd WSM - 18.5" or 14"?

    I've done 3 racks of ribs on my 14" - two rolled on top and one below. I've done a full chicken along with a meatloaf. For two-four people it is the simplest and fastest way to get smoking - takes less time than the big boys. I have a 22 inch kettle for any food that won't fit (sides). I love...
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    feedback on first cook in my 14.5 temp was a touch low.

    What I've found with my 14.5: slow and low (200-250 degrees) means a full water bowl, top vent open fully and bottom vents one closed and the other two about 1/3 open. Holds steady at 225 with a full load of lump for about 6-7 hours. High heat (300-375) means no water bowl at all, all vents...
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    feedback on first cook in my 14.5 temp was a touch low.

    I have found in using my 14.5" that cracking the lid open with a screwdriver or a skewer of some kind adds necessary air flow (with all vents wide open) to hit around 300-350 degrees for chicken. I usually fill the ring 3/4 of the way with unlit lump, and then dump one full charcoal starter...
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    14.5 temp and heat shield

    I pretty much solved all my heat problems by switching from briguettes to lump. I can easily maintain 350 degrees (no water pan) and can hold a steady 225 (water pan in use). The lump makes much less ash so I am only emptying every other time. High heat cooks get a skewer under the lid and...
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    California > San Francisco: 4505 Burgers & BBQ

    Parking is only marginally better here, but the food and beer are stellar. You need to check it out sometime.