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    BBQ Bucket list

    Arthur Bryant's in Kansas City. Leatha's BBQ Inn, Hattiesburg Mississippi.
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    Anyone inject a pork butt?

    Just like Lynn I inject with Bob Lily inject for the flavor boost.
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    New Weber Smokefire EX4 Assembled and ready to go

    Congrats Jeff. New owners are surprised at the flavor they get out of the Smokefire. You're definitely off on the right foot. Your food looks great.
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    New owner - very used 18.5 WSM

    To tighten up the top grate remove the strap top nut and put a washer or 2 in between the body and the strap. Tighten the nut. I agree with those that said the bowl can be repaired. You're not restoring - just repairing. Wire brushing the rusty rim and coating with Epoxy paint should stop...
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    Lid thermometer?

    It's a PID controller on a pellet grill and they show averaged temps instead of instantaneous temp. It doesn't make sense to stick an analog thermometer in the lid that's going to give you the same accuracy as the controller temp. A lid thermometer makes sense in a WSM or side fire box smoker...
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    Latest Firmware Update Seems Solid

    I have previously said I probably should have gotten the EX4. I WAS WRONG!!! Today I needed the cooking capacity of the EX6. My apologies to those that told me so. Mothers Day Ribs and first full family get together in over a year. Our daughter, husband, their 4 kids and wife, and our 3...
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    Dave's Smokefire EX6 Experiences

    While I'm not a Weber fanboy my Smokefire goes into the will, warts and all. I'm on a FB Smokefire group and the vast majority of the approximately 2500 members are satisfied with their grill. I looked at the customer reviews on the Smokefire and by June 2020 they were trending up. That's...
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    Dave's Smokefire EX6 Experiences

    Brian, I know my grill and I can manage it but it's not set and forget yet. Since I'm willing to deal with it and ride it out because the capabilities are impressive and taste of the food is the best I've tasted. I know I can put food on it and I'll finish the cook on it but I may have to do...
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    New Upper Cooking Grate for My EX6

    I wanted stronger and more cooking area so I could use it as my primary cooking grate. Bruno. :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO: :ROFLMAO:
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    Dave's Smokefire EX6 Experiences

    Jon, you know how much I like my EX6 but also like Rec Tec. I like them but I'm a realist and don't get caught up in the "fanboy" mentality. I have read a ton of comments by folks who claim their grill performs perfectly. I don't see how that's possible with this grill. You learn it and...
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    Butcher paper and ribs

    I'm going to try the butcher paper on Sunday. Wife wants St. Louis cut ribs so I can't pass up the opportunity. I'm lucky. She likes Back, St; Louis cut, and full spares.
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    Weber 26" vs 22" WSM

    You might also include the different meats you cook for them. If you do a lot of ribs the 22 has the advantage but using rib racks you can increase the 18s capacity. You can shoehorn a packer Brisket and lots of pork butts on the 18. I had both before I got my Smokefire, cooked for 20, almost...
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    Weber 26" vs 22" WSM

    While you can use either to smoke or grill the strength of the WSM is smoking and the strength of the 26 is grilling. Excellent combination.
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    Air Fryer?

    We've had the Cuisinart TOA-60 for about 2 years. It has dial controls instead of the digital TOA-65. Ours works great and we use it a lot. However, I read that the dials are easily broken so I baby them. I like the TOA-65 controls better. Next time.
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    Butcher paper and ribs

    It helps me. My wife likes fall off the bone.