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    100 Briquettes

    Read about that in the Virtual Weber Bullet, link at top of page. Our host, Chris, has a ton of operating tips and tricks there. I used the Minion method for starts when doing low and slow on my WSMs. Don't have them now but learned a lot from Chris.
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    Best Thanksgiving EVER

    That's definitely a great experience. Good job Phil.
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    Baby Back Ribs

    You figured it out. Nothing to critique. Great cook and beautiful ribs.
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    Schulz/Peanuts Article

    Fletch, that's a good read. Very interesting.
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    Thanksgiving Leftovers Casserole

    Thanksgiving Leftover Casserole YIELDS: 4 - 6 serving(s) PREP TIME:15 mins TOTAL TIME:1 hr 5 mins Ingredients Pam, for the baking dish 4 c. leftover stuffing. 4 c. chopped skinless leftover turkey (or use rotisserie chicken) 1 1/2 c. coarsely chopped leftover green beans 1 1/2...
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    Thanksgiving Leftovers Casserole

    I like trying stuff. Last year I wanted to do a leftovers casserole but didn't have enough leftovers. This year I had plenty. I read through a Pioneer Woman recipe and Allrecipes version, took what I wanted from each, and then assembled my version. I built it according to the size of the...
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    Late entry with the Charbroil Big Easy

    That looks great.
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    Cleaned out the Smokefire today

    I cleaned mine yesterday for the first time since April. Todays cook went smoothly. The EX6 has a lot of cooking space. Your birds look great.
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    Smokefire Spatchcocked Turkey

    We had a small family dinner for 5. I cooked a 14 lb. Bird at 340 degrees in 2 hrs. and 20 minutes. It was dry brined for 40 hrs. and hit with an herb butter slather before it went on the top shelf of the EX6. I used Cabelas Cherry pellets. My 30 year old grandson that only eats dark meat...
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    Weber & Operation BBQ Relief team up for Thanksgiving

    That's fantastic.
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    One Word: Spatchcocked

    I'm with you Chris. My wife says the spatchcock birds taste a lot like a Rotisserie bird. My family loves spatchcock birds off the Smokefire.
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    Smokefire Lid Handle

    Some EX4/EX6 grills have that problem. My EX6 does but many people don't. I have read suggestions to get insulating washers and insert them between the lid and the handle. I don't remember reading that it solved the problem but it's a cheap experiment. Sorry I'm not more help but I just...
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    Grandson's 30th Birthday Pulled Pork

    My Granddaughter in Law asked me to do pulled pork for her hubbies 30th birthday surprise party. Yesterday I did a high heat cook on 30 lbs. of Pork Butts. The eleven pounder and one 9 pounder were probe tender in 7 hours running at 300 to 330° F. The last 9 pounder took 8 hours and 40...
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    Feeling like a genius today - Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Outdoor Plug

    You Are definitely smart. Great idea.
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    Back to a One Smokefire Stable

    Yesterday I passed down the EX4 to my 30 year old Grandson. It's his first smoker and companion to his 22" Weber Kettle. I'm back to only the EX6 and that simplifies my life. His parents broke up and his Mom is moving in with us so I need more storage space in the garage. It seemed like a...