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    anyone know what kind this is

    That price sounds pretty decent. I think those grills are best for cooking over wood, logs and not lump.
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    Fair price for a 22.5"

    Thanks for all the input. Maybe I should do a few briskets before giving the old girl up. I love the Primo for grilling but I haven't yet done any low and slows with it. Gonna make a run to the store and brisket tomorrow!
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    Fair price for a 22.5"

    I need to free up some real estate in the backyard and now that I have a Primo for both grilling and smoking, it's time to sell my beloved WSM. It's three years old, no dents or dings, cover is still in good shape. One of my wife's friends is interested in it. What's a fair price? I'm not...
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    Should I get a Primo XL?

    I've had my WSM for a year and I love the food I can make on it. In the past year, as I have become a complete lump charcoal addict/snob, I have acquired an 18" OTS, lime green Performer, a Simpson's Smokey Joe and a Lodge Hibachi in addition to the Weber gasser that preceded all of those (she...
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    Dinosaur BBQ Garlic Dill Pickles

    I can attest to how good these pickles are and having never made refrigerator pickles how easy they are. The jalapenos get pickled too and are delicious by themselves.
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    my dream grill

    Congratulations from across the pond! Crate & Barrel is the only retailer that carries that color in the US. I have found that people here refer to it as lime green but my 7 year old daughter says it is the color of guacamole and I have to agree. Happy grilling!
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    Anyone use this w/ their Performer?

    Do you have a Wegmans nearby? In Rochester, the little Coleman tanks are around $4 on sale, I just stocked up on a bunch. Might take a while to make back that $30.