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    Cranberry Jalapeno Jam

    Great recipe; a little late, but why do you put in the pantry for a couple of weeks before eating?
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    Confused about hams

    I appreciate your taking time to help, particularly us newbies. I'd like to start smoking hams, but am confused as to where to start. Clearly a raw ham is more time consuming than one that is partially cooked. But are partially cooked/seasoned hams ok for the WSM? What is your recomendation for...
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    First time with Larry's rub

    How do we get Larry's products? The web site says Sold Out Until Further Notice. I hope this is a sign of incredible success!
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    Smoking swordfish

    Hi Gary: Thanks for your comments--I smoked the sword with the Brown Sugar Rub and your sentiments are right on. It was very tasty, but I know now that a hotter fire and simpler ingredients would have won the day. I'll be getting your book via FEDX today--thanks for the help.
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    Replacing ketchup

    Great question. I, too, am interested in Gary's comments.
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    Smoking swordfish

    Hi Gary: I'd like to smoke a 3 pound, 2" thick swordfish steak. I was going to use the Minion and Rogers Brown Sugar Rub technique from here on the board, figuring that what's good for salmon must be good for sword. Any comments? Cheers, Jay