Smoking swordfish

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Jay Cooke

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Hi Gary:
I'd like to smoke a 3 pound, 2" thick swordfish steak. I was going to use the Minion and Rogers Brown Sugar Rub technique from here on the board, figuring that what's good for salmon must be good for sword.
Any comments?

The Minion-Rodgers Brown Sugar Rub for Salmon has long been an arrow in my BBQ quiver—it’s a really terrific recipe. Translating the Brown Sugar Rub directly to swordfish strikes me as interesting, but not on-target. The meatier firmer flesh of swordfish lends itself to straightforward combinations of flavors and techniques. How you intend to use the swordfish after smoking dictates initial flavor combinations.

For example, if you’re simply serving it hot off the smoker with a starch and vegetable, I'd suggest a very light brine, pat dry, brush with a mix of olive oil, lemon juice and garlic.

More flavor pairings for plain smoked swordfish: garlic, lemon, lime, olives, capers, eggplant, parsley, pepper, pine nuts, tomato and white wine are good complements.

A few other ideas:

- Smoked swordfish kebabs: skewer and smoke big, meaty pieces of the fish with tomato, olives, pepper, and finish with a splash of light, vinegar/herb dressing.

- Smoked swordfish ceviche, made with olives, parsley and pine nuts in a lemon-y vinaigrette.

- Smoked swordfish on top of a chunky, garlicky, tomato-eggplant-olive "ratatouille."

- Smoked swordfish nicoise, substituting smoked swordfish for tuna.

Hope this helps.

Hi Gary:
Thanks for your comments--I smoked the sword with the Brown Sugar Rub and your sentiments are right on. It was very tasty, but I know now that a hotter fire and simpler ingredients would have won the day.
I'll be getting your book via FEDX today--thanks for the help.
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