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    HeaterMeter Snapshot for RPi3 Available

    I'm anxiously awaiting my rPi3 so I can give this a try! :)
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    Why I like 3D printing in ABS

    I'm using an opensource Prusa I3 printer that I assembled myself. It's nothing special, but the results are decent and it's been a reliable workhorse for my purposes. This is complete contrast to the Cube Pro that we have at work, which has been nothing but a huge maintenance headache.
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    I absolutely love the pelican case! I can just imagine you showing up to a BBQ party and cracking open that case to the amazement of all the other pit masters. I'm always happy to help out a fellow tvwbb enthusiast!
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    Attaching HM to WSM

    Wow, you did a really great job with that! Thank you so much for sharing your build in such detail. I may just replicate your design for my WSM 22.5"!
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    Hello from London

    Welcome Morgan! :)
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    First test run. How'd I do?

    Definitely off to a good start! :)
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    my HM case is deforming ...

    +3 There goes my drink. haha :)
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    Hello from Ontario Canada

    Hello from BC. Welcome John!
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    Welcome Bob!
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    Yes, still available at the same price. I accept paypal and money orders.
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    Another New Build - One small issue

    Nice glossy case. ;). It seems like it doesn't matter if you pay $12 for a screen or $2...they are all made in China with about the same rates of failure If you need a recommendation for a damper, I recommend the Offset Rotary Damper design by Tom Kole. It's simple and reliable.
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    Hello from PA

    Welcome aboard Duane!
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    Welcome Rez!
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    Welcome to the forum, T
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    Hello from The Netherlands

    Welcome Daniel!